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About Matt Shoup

Positive. Passionate. Powerful. Purpose. Identify your “flag” then go Plant it! Everyone has their own unique gift, talent, and benefit that they bring to the world. Wrap your mind, your heart, your soul, everything about you around that, then build on it!

Highly successful serial entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and Jiu Jitsu purple belt Matt Shoup is back for the THIRD time on the show. His latest book, Plant Your Flag: The Warrior’s Battle Guide to Life, Love, and Leadership is due out in early July.

There are four ways to live your life:

1.  You can be a “No show”, moving through life unaware of your potential and the impact you may have had on the world.

2.  You can be a Spectator, watching everything from the sidelines, but never putting any “skin in the game.”

3.  You can be a Fighter.  Now you're all in.  Taking stands and fighting. If you are in the fighting space and you find yourself wrung out, burned out…you are in the wrong fight.  You are not in the Warrior space yet.

4.  You can be a Warrior.  This is where you show up, you stand up for what you believe in, and you shield up.  You've chosen the fight that is tied to your deepest core values, principles you would die for.  You are living your purpose.

The Warrior stage is not a “happy ending”.  The real fight has just begun.  Now you are in the fight that really matters.  The bigger the stand, the bigger the fight.

The Warrior space is a scary, loud, yet peaceful space. -Matt Shoup

In working to identify your “flag”, make the decision to be present.  Show up.  You have to get out of the seats and off the bench, you need to show up, then decide to engage.  Start punching, start swinging. Go stand for something and see what it’s like.  Always be pushing to get to that next space.


When you step into the warrior arena,

What You Will Learn

  • The importance of identifying your core values, unique skills, and talents in finding your “flag” (your greatest purpose in life).
  • The four ways to live life and how to move toward greatness in the Warrior space.
  • How your “recipe” is the key to your results.
  • Why your purpose is NOT your vocation.  You should be living your purpose in EVERY area of your life.

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Your turn!

Have you identified YOUR “flag”?  What will you stand for?


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