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About Tom Morkes

Growth happens outside of our comfort zone.

No one knows that better than Tom Morkes, who at one time felt that hitting the “publish” button on a blog post he’d just written was a scarier prospect than heading out on night duty while he was stationed in Iraq with the U.S. Army! The CEO of Insurgent Publishing, a book publishing and marketing company known for bringing “unconventional nonfiction to the creative outliers of the world”, he’s helped launch 4 (and counting!) books to bestseller, working with folks like Jeff Goins, Jonathan Mead, and David Nihill. He’s authored numerous books himself, including Notes from Seth Godin’s Revolution Conference and The Art of Instigating and is the host of the In the Trenches podcast. Get outside your comfort zone and watch what happens!


Think of your book like a business, like a startup. – Tom Morkes

We really wanted to make sure we talked to Tom about self-publishing and running a location-independent business.  Approaching publishing from a lean startup perspective, he had some solid advice for authors just getting started in their publishing journeys.

You'll want to get clear on your goals for the book and you'll want to make sure you can answer some key questions:

What is the problem this book is solving?  What is the solution this book is going to bring?

With so many other books out there, why should anyone care about this one?

What is the unique sales proposition for this book?

How do I reach my early adopters?  How do I reach my target market?


Tom Morkes

What You Will Learn

  • How the fear will always be there, but you can train yourself to deal with it and not let it stop you!
  • The power of time, repetition, and validation in overcoming fear.
  • What it's REALLY like to live the “digital nomad” lifestyle!
  • The critical points to consider and mindset to develop if you are planning to publish.

Relevant Links and Resources

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Insurgent Publishing – Tom's publishing company has worked with past HTYC guests Taylor Pearson, Jeff Goins, and David Nihill




The Art of Instigating (Audiobook included)  by Tom Morkes






Notes from Seth Godin’s Revolution Conference by Tom Morkes



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