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About Travis Steffen

Travis Steffen is a growth hacker, an entrepreneur, and an investor.  He’s built and sold 6 tech companies in the last 5 years in several different industries including clothing, apps, fitness, and social media for private medical practices.

He talks to us about his entrepreneurial journey, reconciling the “meat head” and the “tech nerd” along the way, and emphasizes embracing failure as a necessary part of the process!


Travis Steffen

What You Will Learn

  • Why failure isn't something to avoid, but rather to embrace!
  • How the most effective way to pursue success ISN'T to pattern yourself after someone who's attained massive success.
  • Why working for someone else isn't the worst thing you can do!  It might actually be the best thing if it suits your goals!

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Enroll in our FREE 8-day ‘Figure it Out' course!




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