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About Micha Mikailian

What would life be like if you were working from your unique strengths and talents most of the time?

What could you accomplish?

Micha Mikailian has been an entrepreneur since the age of 15! From starting the first online Yellow Pages as a teen to his latest company Intently, he’s learned his unique areas of talent and skill and has seen a high correlation between the successes of his businesses, his own fulfillment and career satisfaction, and the amount of time he’s able to spend in his “zones of genius.”


If you feel like (2)

What You Will Learn

  • What zones of genius are and how knowing yours can make all the difference in your career.
  • Why it’s actually NOT beneficial to compare your career journey to anyone else’s.
  • AND…find out how you can program your mindset for success just by browsing the internet!

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Intently – replace browser ads with meaningful quotes and program your mindset for success!

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Your turn!

How much of the time are you currently working in your “zones of genius”?  How can you increase your time spent in your zones?

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