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About this episode

I discovered Scott and Happen to Your Career almost 2 years ago through the YoPro Wealth podcast.  I was hellbent on learning how to take control of my finances and trying to get out of debt.  I was just starting to see the connection between being debt-free and having true freedom.  I'd begun to question my old assumptions that I'd always be in debt and always be limited in my career options because of it.  Hope entered the picture and possibilities for my future that were never there before emerged.  Scott and Happen to Your Career played a HUGE part in that.

It really is an honor to be here now, celebrating 100 episodes with the HTYC team and with YOU, our listeners!

– Tracey

Without further ado, here's Scott on the beginnings of HTYC…


This is what I SHOULD be doing.


I was so nervous… I felt like a fraud! This was the first time that I had ever told anyone besides Alyssa and a few friends and family that I was starting this crazy business where we sell happiness in the form of career sized packages.

Those same family and friends were used to me doing weird things, so it just wasn’t a big deal if they knew.

But I wasn’t really ready for everyone else to know!


Who was I to tell people how to make career changes?


Why would anyone listen to me about how to figure out what they should be doing?

These were the questions that were rolling around my mind as I was getting ready to speak at a convention in Seattle.

It wasn’t the public speaking that was making my hands sweat!  It was the thought that people might find out!

Any minute before they called my name to go into the room to talk to the folks in the 60 chairs, I thought they were going to come out and tell me that although they were sorry, they had the wrong person!

They were actually looking for someone qualified to talk to these people (and I clearly was not it).

Finally the time came, I went up to the front of the room.

I began my talk…

I couldn’t tell you to this day exactly what I said.  I honestly don’t remember what it was about and I probably didn’t prep very well.


Happen to Your Career


But I remember finishing and being ecstatic. I got lots of questions from the attendees. I even talked to one guy who said that he wanted to discuss coaching (he never returned my calls when I tried to reach him later… didn’t matter though!)

I got out to the parking lot and as quickly as I could, I dialed Alyssa and told her, “This is what I should be doing.”

It wasn’t a paid gig at all. I was a volunteer. That didn’t matter.

Much much later when we would go on to create the Happen to Your Career Podcast, Mark (my original Co-founder) and I would talk to Richie Norton, the author of The Power of Starting Something Stupid:

Richie said, “There’s magic when you’re in motion.”

…and he was right!

I started a blog that I called “Happen to Your Career”, where I wrote things like “Success will come to those who are morning people.”

The writing is really bad.  Check it out for yourself.

(I cringed badly re-reading it a few minutes ago.)

That’s besides the point though.

I wrote that just 2 years ago. Yes, it’s terrible writing and at that time I didn’t have a company because HTYC was just getting started.

But it was only two years ago.  I learn things much slower than the average person.

I tell people all the time, “I was that kid that had to touch the burner multiple times to realize that it’s hot.”

…which is good news for you, because you can probably completely change your life in even less time!

I started HTYC with a dream to be able to help people in their careers while at the same time getting to do the combination of things that I love to do!

It was completely on the side of my day job in HR, with a wife and kids and all the normal busy-ness that everyone else has.

I’m just a normal guy who’s trying to use the strengths and experiences I already have.

Guess what?

You have strengths and experiences too that are just as valuable (if not more)!


And, if you want to completely change your life and work, you CAN.


So we put together this fairly raw story of our journey from “zero” to where I completely hang up my HR hat in the next 10 days and dive into HTYC 100% with both feet (which I’m more than a little excited about!)

It’s not been a perfect journey.

When you’re pursuing something you love, there are ALWAYS highs and lows along the way!

I want you to hear about some of ours so that you can both be entertained AND understand what it really takes to follow your dreams!

It won’t be perfect.  Things won’t always go well.  But, it makes those wins that you have along the way, that much sweeter!

Celebrate our first 100 episodes (and me hanging up my “HR hat” completely)!  It's because of YOU that we're here, doing what we do and we want to celebrate with YOU!

Here's to the next 100!

– Scott


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