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About Mike Vardy

Do you wish you were a little more productive?  Are there things you're not getting accomplished right now because you've got way too much on your plate?

Well, Mike Vardy is a thought leader in productivity.  He’s an author, speaker, and founder and President of Productivityist.com, a company that helps people stop “doing productivity” and start “being productive” through online and offline channels.  Before founding Productivityist, he was the managing editor of Lifehack's productivity blog.



Time is the only resource you don't get back.


Mike started honing his productivity skills when he was a manager of TWO departments at Costco.  He needed to create a system to help him run both departments efficiently, and so what has since become Mike's signature productivity system was actually born on the job at Costco!

He walks us through several of his own productivity tips in the interview.  You'll definitely want to take notes!


Mike Vardy

What You Will Learn

  • Why staying in a job you hate may actually hurt OTHER people too.
  • How journaling can be a super-effective way to clear your mind so you can focus on what you need to accomplish.
  • What a “Now” page is and how it can help you get more done!
  • Oh! And you'll find out how to get access to Mike’s productivity system

Relevant Links and Resources

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Productivityist – because “it's time to stop doing productive and start being productive.”

Grab the special productivity bonuses Mike's put together for HTYC listeners!

Mike's TEDx talk

For more information on finding the time for what matters to you:

Also mentioned in the episode:

Todoist – to-do list and task manager

ScheduleOnce – scheduling software

Microsoft Outlook for IOS

Asana – project management software


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Twitter: @MikeVardy

Your turn!

How productive do you consider yourself?  What methods have you tried for improving your productivity?  Have they worked?

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