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About David Ralph

Think you can’t make a living from doing what comes easily to you? It turns out that what comes easiest could actually be the “gold” you’ve been seeking.

David Ralph is the host of the Join Up Dots podcast, “the entrepreneur show with a difference.”


He spent a long time dismissing his greatest talents, working in a corporate job he didn’t like. It wasn’t until he discovered podcasting and took his place behind the mic, that he was able to take his ability for “firing the motivation rocket” to the masses!


David Ralph

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how David got over the fear of being “crappy” at the beginning of his podcasting career
  • Find out why that thing that you do best, like David’s ability to “fire a motivation rocket” in those around him, can transfer over into new areas and even lead you to new opportunities
  • And…learn how you CAN make a living by doing what comes easy to you.

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