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About Christy Wright

Have you been wanting to start a business of your own?  Is overwhelm about all of the aspects of running a small business holding you back?  

Christy Wright works with entrepreneurs through coaching and through her speaking events as part of Dave Ramsey’s team.  She talks to us about the unique issues that women face in starting and maintaining businesses.  They think differently.  They run their businesses differently.  They define “success” differently.  


More women than ever before are stepping into their gifts and bringing them to market.  Christy helps women simplify the process by reducing the overwhelm and showing them the most important steps they can take to move their businesses forward. 

What You Will Learn

  • Why it’s important to define “success” for yourself instead of measuring against other people’s standards
  • “Faking it til you make it” is a very powerful strategy you can employ to build the confidence you need, not just in business, but in life
  • The steps you can take today to identify a business you can start!

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