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About Dave Stachowiak

Dave Stachowiak is the founder of Coaching for Leaders and the host of the Coaching for Leaders podcast.  He’s the Executive Vice President of Talent Development with Dale Carnegie of Southern Los Angeles and has led training programs for top organizations like the Northrop Grumman Corporation, The United States Air Force, the Boeing Company, and the University of California system.  He’s a senior instructor with Dale Carnegie Training, and Board Certified Coach.  


Dave talks to us about the importance of accepting your career journey as anything BUT a straight line!  The twists and turns are not only to be expected, but to be appreciated!

What You Will Learn

  • If you can accept that a career path ISN’T actually a straight line, the twists and turns that come up along the way are much easier to manage!
  • You’ll hear why basing your identity on what you do can actually get in the way of identifying what you REALLY want to do in the world
  • And you’ll hear all about the upsides and downsides of being stubborn!

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