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About Evangelia Leclaire

What’s your dream career?  

Are you convinced there’s something more out there for you than what you’re doing currently?  

You might be on the Dreamer’s career path.  

Expert Career Coach on theMuse.com and founder of the Ready Set Rock Academy, and most recently as a coach at Happen to Your Career, Evangelia LeClaire helps us understand that even dreamers’ careers go through phases.  She walks us through her own personal career journey and shows us that the phases are not sequential, and there is something to be learned in each one!  

What phase are you in?  


Evangelia Leclaire


What You Will Learn

  • The stages of your career journey are not sequential
  • What to do when your career hits a rough patch and you find yourself in the “Desert”
  • How you can conceive and birth the career of  your dreams!

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