Jim Woods

About Jim Woods

Would you say that you’ve been taking the path of least resistance in your career?  

No judgements.  We just want to let you know that you’re in good company.  

In fact, this is exactly how our guest, Jim Woods described his career journey up until he found the work he really wanted to be doing.  Jim is a government accountant turned author, editor, and “champion for writers”.  He talks to us about what shook him off the path of least resistance and into taking control of his career and building the life he wanted in the “margins”.


Jim Woods

What You Will Learn

  • What took our guest off the path of least resistance in his career and into taking an active role in designing his future.
  • How if you’re looking for your unique talents and strengths, they might very well be hiding under your nose!
  • And this won’t surprise you, but you’ll hear again why it’s not the “talking about doing stuff” that gets you results, it’s the “doing stuff.”

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