resilience with Tayo Rockson

Is your current job situation aligned with your career and life goals? Or is it starting to feel like a detour from the path you envision for yourself?

It's not too late to get back on track with your journey to your dream career. Remember every experience is a learning one and your strengths develop from your experiences.

Just ask our guest, Tayo Rockson, how his life's experiences- from childhood through college and to being rejected from over 85 jobs, have given him a strong set of unique strengths and skills that he has adapted and mastered over time.

Listen as he shares his story of how he literally and figuratively veered off the road to what he is meant to be doing with his life and career, and how he got back on track to continue pushing to stay true to his process to reach his goals.

About Tayo Rockson

Tayo Rockson, a citizen of the world and third culture kid, is an entrepreneur and self-made digital media mastermind behind UYD Media. He is also a founding editor of BrandEdU. Tayo has made it his career goal to help millennials follow their calling while making a global difference. He has a lot of experience communicating across all cultures and has contributed to Huffington Post, Among Worlds Magazine, Social Media Club as well as Global Living Magazine. He also currently hosts his own top-rated podcast on culture/travel/international business.



What You Will Learn

  • Your mindset is an asset. Never lower your expectations.
  • Your environment and the company you keep are key in continuing your journey to reach your goals.
  • When you’re on a down slope on your journey, don’t forget that it takes time to reach success. It takes time to hone your craft and get stronger. Don't give up early.


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