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Have you realized that the career path that you're currently on might not be the one that you see yourself on for the rest of your life?

If you're ready to put an end to your career burnout and start doing something that matters to you, listen in on our conversation with today's guest, Paul Maskill.

About Paul Maskill

Paul Maskill began his career journey in the world of corporate finance. Not long into his career in Corporate America, he realized that sitting in a cubicle for 10-12 hours a day, building someone else’s business wasn’t the life he wanted for himself. So, he quit his job, traveled for a couple of months and relocated to start a more rewarding career.

Paul did his research and decided to invest in a franchise called TGA (Teach Grow Achieve). This new business venture combine both his passions for business and sports while creating a positive impact on the lives of thousands of kids every year.

Listen as he shares his career transition experience!


What You Will Learn

  • You will learn that you have the power to control your own destiny
  • Taking a step back to re-evaluate your current situation will give you the insight you need to set yourself up to succeed
  • Working at your passion will continue to open doors for you
  • Staying disciplined and keeping your sights on your long-term goals is key to your success

60 hours

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