Tracey Minutolo

We talk about career transitions and finding and turning your passions into a career you love all the time, but what happens when you love where your career is now and you want to work on incorporating some of your other passions into your work life?

Maybe your career has nothing to do with the additional knowledge, skills, or passions that you want to leverage to create a better future for yourself. All you know is that you're motivated and ready to make some moves to start working on something big for yourself.

That's where the side hustle comes in.

Our guest, Tracey Minutolo, has quickly become a side-hustling professional on the topic of side-hustling. She's a full-time lab supervisor at a medical device and diagnostics company by day, and a side-hustling rockstar by heart.

Tracey got her start in the side-hustle business when she decided it was time to get herself out of debt.

After years of feeling stuck, she found the world of business podcasts and decided to start a small virtual assistant side business, providing social media and community management and other support services for podcasters with purpose.

With the side-hustle fire lit under her, her skill set continues to grow and she is currently coaching others with their side-businesses as HTYC's Side Biz Coach.

Listen as she shares her career and side-hustle journey!



What You Will Learn

  • How to leverage your knowledge, skills, and passions to create a better life for yourself with a side hustle
  • That you don’t have to quit your day job to enjoy work you’re passionate about
  • That there is a way to balance your life with a side business- people do it all the time
  • That knowing yourself- what you want, the type of environment you excel in will help you find a successful side hustle that won’t feel like a job


Know What You Want

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