Maxie McCoy

Discomfort: noun dis·com·fort \dis-ˈkəm-fərt\
1. Mental or physical uneasiness, 2. A feeling of being somewhat worried, unhappy, etc.

Are you comfortable with being uncomfortable?

Are you in a place in your life, whether in your career or not, that makes you feel uneasy? Maybe you're stuck in limbo wondering if you need to start transitioning out of your current career.

It's hard work to reflect during these times in our lives that make us feel stuck. Reflection and being completely honest with ourselves about where we are in our lives and where we want to be isn't an easy task. It's difficult to identify the things that are really important to us. But, we have to do it if we want to move forward.

Our guest, Maxie McCoy, shares that one of the first things you want to do while getting out of what seems like this career crisis is to re-frame the negative. Take this situation and turn it into a chance to put work into something that lights you up again.

Do something that will allow you to show up. It's usually in those happy, passion-filled moments where you're able to clear your mind and re-focus on the things that you want and the things that you need to do to get what you want.

Whether you're thinking of starting your own business, asking for what you deserve in a negotiation, or starting a blog, you need to start re-framing the negativity that surrounds the unknown- that fear that brings you discomfort. Turn it around and start developing an appetite for the discomfort. It is only in those uncomfortable, even doubtful times that something big can happen.

It's in those trying times where you can spin that wheel of “I-CAN-DO-THIS” and move forward. The more you get comfortable with being uncomfortable, your confidence will grow. With that growth, the level of discomfort that you can handle gets bigger.

When you look back, you'll wonder why you even worried to begin with, because when you look back at all of the times you've pushed through your discomfort, you'll now have a “beautiful reflection of where you've moved your life to.”

About Maxie McCoy

Maxie McCoy, a former broadcast journalist turned career expert is obsessed with her mission to inspire billions. She is a self-described cheerleader for the people that is passionate about providing people with the tools that they need for them to believe in themselves.
Maxie began her journey to inspire by designing and building out the global offline communities for Levo League, the #1 career destination for millennials. She is now a one-woman road tour of inspiration and career advice.

Listen to our chat with Maxie as she shares how leaving her career comfort zone lead her to a much bigger and brighter future (one that she can't stop smiling about!).

What You Will Learn

  • Asking the tough questions isn’t easy, but it’s absolutely necessary. It’s hard work to reflect, but in those tough moments of reflection is where the magic happens
  • You’ll learn how to re-frame the negative to something that lights you up again
  • It’s in paying attention to everything that is happening that allows us to show up for ourselves
    • Getting comfortable with the worst case scenario will give you the tools you need to figure it out and work through it


Believe in Yourself


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