Signaling to make a career change

Like while driving, you don't just move into the next lane, you need to prepare for that change of lanes and in this case, the change in your career.

Our guest, J.T. O'Donnell, introduces “signaling” into the world of career change and how being proactive on Linkedin by creating a “career bucket list” is the most effective way to get you into the industry that you want to continue your career in.

Following the steps found below will bring your job-search to a new level. You'll be at the top of the playing field connecting with a new group of people.

Listen as our guest, J.T. O'Donnell, sheds light on how to take that calculated risk in the next chapter of your career.

What You Will Learn

  • How to re-frame your fear of career change in order to set you on the path to career success
  • Steps on how to go from one place to the next as you continue your career journey
  • The game changer- Signaling (on Linkedin) as you are looking to make a career change
  • How to create a bucket list of people and organizations to identify powerful reasons to connect


How to utilize Linkedin

When you look at Linkedin in a perspective that it is an Internet search tool within the Linkedin platform, you'll understand that it is used to find people that match with what employers are looking for in a new hire. Start thinking keywords in terms of “skills” and “location.”

A lot of people use Linkedin as a resume, listing all of their skills from their previous jobs, but if you're looking to change careers, you'll need to :

  1. Think about scrubbing and revamping your profile to include the keywords that are used in your next career field so potential employers can find you in their search process
  2.  Realize that signaling means “raising your hand”
    1. Be proactive and build your “bucket list” of potential career paths and organizations that compliment that career path
    2. Customize your Linkedin connection requests
  3. Network and nurture your new connections
    1. Set up meetings with people in the industry that you want to be in so you can build your relationships that can potentially open doors for you

Building Your Career Bucket List

A career bucket list is a proactive and intentional way to get yourself seen by potential employers or connections to those potential employers.

Knowing the answer to the following questions can help you determine which organizations will fit into what you're looking for in the next step of your career:

  1. Can you explain why you love/appreciate/admire the particular organizations product/service?
  2. How did you learn that emotion? What's the story behind that connection?

When you can answer with a powerful reason to connect with that specific organization on your career bucket list and demonstrate how passionately connected you are to the product/service provided and then proceed to tell your story in a compelling way, then you will have no problem landing a job in any field you choose.

About J.T. O'Donnell

J.T. O’Donnell knows all about job searching, career changes, and the importance of finding career satisfaction. Before starting her own company, Careerealism, J.T. went down the whole getting a degree and getting a great job route. Then, she realized how miserable she was at her job.

She had an “Aha!” moment as many of us have had and discovered what she enjoyed and was most passionate about and that was coaching people to figure out what they wanted to do. With no solid career resources at the time, J.T. took the initiative and set off to build a methodology around her passion and Careerealism was born. Her book, CAREEREALISM: The Smart Approach to a Satisfying Career, outlines her highly successful career-coaching methodology.

As J.T. simply states it, she helps people who have career problems by providing career coaching and courses to solve those problems.

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