regaining perspective with Tracy Timm

Graduate from high school in the Top 10 of your class. Check.

Get your bachelor's degree. Check.

Land a job applicable to your degree. Check.

Work 60-hour work weeks to get that promotion. Check.

Sleep. Eat. Work. Sleep. Eat. Work…

Check. Check. Check…

Have you been living a calculated, box-checking life?

Are you tired? Bored? Wondering if there is more to life than just sleeping, eating, and working…just to repeat it the next day?

Are you looking for a change of pace, lifestyle,  or career?

That is exactly how our guest, Tracy Timm, felt after checking off the boxes of graduating from Yale and getting a job on Wall Street out of college. Tracy began to feel the effects of the classic “high-achiever” looking for more from life than just her job- which began to make her miserable.

After deciding that picking misery and safety over an actual fulfilling life was not how she wanted to continue, she laid her cards on the table for her employers and ultimately left Wall Street to begin her entrepreneurial journey (after her trip around the world to regain a new perspective on life, of course).

Listen as Tracy shares  how she got her perspective back to make the switch from the corporate life to a life defined on her own terms.


About Tracy Timm

Tracy Timm is a self-described “risk-averse over-achiever.”

Tracy’s passion for learning about people and why they do the things they do led her to start her own business focusing on helping organizations find, retain, manage, and develop their best people to give maximum impact back to the business through behavioral psychology practices as well as providing support to young professionals that hate the fact that they hate their job and want to do something more meaningful in their lives.

In her own words, Tracy is an “unassuming entrepreneur” that went into business as a “quarter-life career coach and behavioral psychologist and human capital adviser.”

What You Will Learn

  • Why it’s important to be authentically you in all  you do, especially when it comes to your career
  • How knowing and ASKING for what you want is the magic combination in getting what you want
  • Knowing the difference between having a bad day at work and absolutely DREADING going to work…
  • Rapid prototyping…designing experiments…(taking on a side gig…volunteering…shadowing..)


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