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This is a guest post by Mark Sieverkropp, an awesome blogger, consultant, member of the HTYC team and all around good guy who has a unique perspective on life and very forward thinking ability. Mark's a connector get to know him here

Read This or Dread Going To Work Tomorrow

Alright.  Let's see a raise of hands if you've ever woke up dreading going to work.

How many of you have, let's be honest, genuinely hated the job they were at?

Which of you have ever muttered phrases similar to these:

“Well, it pays the bills…”

“It's not my dream job, but…”

“I'm only working here until…”


Sadly these phrases are all too common in society today.  Far too many people are working in jobs that they aren't excited about and that don't fit with their unique talents.

I know how it feels.  It sucks.  I've been there.  It sucks the life out of you.  It makes it hard to be a good spouse and a loving and attentive parent.

So how do you break out of that rut?  How do you move from work you hate to work that you love and that is meaningful to you?

Ain't that the million dollar question???

Stop dreading work


If I had the perfect answer to that question I could bottle it and sell it on TV for 3 easy payments of $19.95!

I don't have the perfect answer.  But here are 4 suggestions to move you away from work you hate and towards work that fulfills you and utilizes your talents.

1.  Quit hating your job.  I know I just spent the first half of this acknowledging that your job sucks.  But here's the problem with focusing on that:  It doesn't help.  Period.  When you're focusing on how much you hate your job, or how much your boss annoys your, or how you can't stand your schedule you can't be effective at looking for new opportunities and present yourself in the best light to potential employers.

2.  Immerse yourself in good content. Counteract your frustrations with your current job situation with good, uplifting content.  I'm not talking about listening to “I've Got The World On A String” by Sinatra, I'm talking about reading blogs, listening to podcasts, talking to people you admire.  Fill your mind with good content and your subconscious will work towards a better situation.

3.  Network.  Meet people.  Make connections with people in your area and in the industries you'd like to be in.  This has a two-fold benefit. First, One of these people may have an opening you'd love to have or know of one.  Second, it helps you have opportunities to learn from them, as well as add value to their lives through your knowledge, connections and encouragement.

4.  Serve.  Have you heard of Karma?  Or the phrase “No good deed goes unpunished.”?  Look for opportunities to serve. Serving others brings out the best in you.  You'll be happier, more relaxed and more confident.  As you help other, don't be surprised if you don't come across work opportunities that more closely align with what you would prefer to be doing for work!

There are just a few of the lifelines that I can throw you if you are drowning in your current job.


Question: What can you do today to more closer to work that you love?

Hang in there.  Scott and I have a lot of awesome ideas for inspiration, how-to, and resources to help you (and folks like you) to successfully transition into work that utilizes your unique talents and abilities and that you love!

Stay tuned into Happen To Your Career and the #HTYC Team!

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