Assistant Executive/Personal Assistant (Part or Full Time)

At Happen to Your Career we are a small, rapidly growing company that believes in doing work you love and doing work within your strengths.

We value potential over experience and give high preference to those who are already familiar with our brand and how we help people live the life they want to!

In this (part or full time) Assistant Executive/Personal Assistant position you will be working closely with Scott Anthony Barlow our CEO and our Coaches as well as our Students, Readers and Listeners.

You’re responsible for anticipating needs for our Team, Students, Clients and audience and are there for them at every turn. You also are tasked with keeping our CEO focused on his areas of strengths by thinking 5 steps ahead for anything that he might need and keeping items off his plate.

Here’s what we value in our company: 

Be Ridiculously Helpful We take care of our people… and their people too! We treat others like humans and we exceed expectations in every interaction

Signature Strengths – We do what we are the best at and use our uniqueness and what we enjoy doing, we enable everyone around us do the same

It’s Personal – We want every single touch to feel like we care – because we do!

One Life – We go for what scares us; we intentionally get outside our comfort zones and push ourselves and everyone we interact with for growth

Leverage – We use technology and systems to do anything that a human doesn’t need to.

Give Pareto a hug; we fail often and fast and make mistakes early and are transparent about them. We remove what isn’t working and relentlessly seek out and prioritize the top 4% of what works; We call this out every opportunity!

Reason the position exists/Key Results Needed and Position Objectives: 

Role #1 Assistant Executive (not conventional executive assistant)

Responsible for keeping CEO’s time in the highest priority areas. This includes owning CEO calendar (calendaring) and taking tasks off hand to keep focused on 75% Content Asset Development and 25% Company Design (Vision, Team training and development, company structure)

Remove tasks, projects and decisions from the CEO and team to allow them to grow the business. (How you know if you’re doing a great job: Anticipate needs from the CEO and HTYC Operations team members, free up their time to allow them to focus on what they do best)

Communications to the team on behalf of the CEO

Role #2 Personal Assistant to Company owners (not conventional personal assistant)

Responsible for keeping CEO’s time in the highest priority areas. This includes owning CEO calendar (calendaring) and taking tasks off hand to keep focused on 75% Content Asset Development and 25% Company Design (Vision, Team training and development, company structure)

We’re looking for someone who

  • Is ecstatic when you get to delight others: You get a lot out of helping others and anticipating what they might need and every detail helping them
  • You’re very adept with technology; You might not know how to code, but when you get a new app or something goes wrong you can pretty much always figure it out
  • Can’t help but be ridiculously organized (you probably have your own email inbox meticulously organized and maybe even your phone notifications, it bugs you when it’s not)
  • You can learn and apply nearly anything: You pretty much kick ass when it comes to learning something new. It’s your jam, if you don’t know how to do something you can figure it out
  • You continuously have new ideas on how to do things and get excited when you get the freedom to implement those ideas
  • You find solutions: You can’t help it, when something goes wrong you have a “I will figure this out and make it happen” mentality about you!
  • Has experience with supporting customers and busy executives 
  • Loves wearing lots of hats and being involved in many areas across the business.
  • It makes you happy to work behind the scenes! you love supporting someone else to make a mission possible!
  • You’re not the new kid on the block. You’re extremely tech savvy and have supported executives in a 100% work arrangement before. You’ve artfully mastered the ins and outs of what it takes to be a proactive aide to extremely busy and demanding executives.
  • Past executives you’ve supported sing your praises and can’t think of anyone else they’d want on the frontline as their Gatekeeper
  • You’re diplomatic – You know how to handle confidential information and tactfully decline invitations. You’ve mastered the ability to ask the right questions and setup the right systems to help protect your executive’s most precious asset, time. You LOVE wrangling in the chaos and you secretly pride yourself in the ability to be proactive and boost someone’s effectiveness multi-fold
  • You’re obsessed with getting the details right (because you know just how important they are!)
  • You’re smart and resourceful. You can rattle off dozens of examples in the past week where you quickly drummed up creative solutions to even the oddest problems
  • You have an incredible pulse on your executive’s needs and priorities. You’re an amazing project manager and know how to make all the pieces fit together when it seems impossible!
  • You’re excited to take on his fast paced, extremely detail oriented and high pressure role. Handling 100+ email/slack requests a day from Scott and team sounds like a fun challenge to you
  • You love receiving feedback and implementing a plan and/or system to quickly pivot your strategy and to fit the executive’s needs
  • You’re a calendar ninja, you love negotiating deals, finding the best travel arrangements, and most importantly, enjoy having fun with your boss!
  • This is NOT an entry-level assistant position. You MUST have at least 2+ years
    experience as an assistant for a C-level Executive or another executive, and at least 1+ year of remote work experience
  • Flexibility in being available outside the standard 9-5 (Approximately 50% of time as personal assistant and 50% as business assistant). Scott is in WA but is often traveling. If you’re looking for a slower role with 9-5 hours, this is NOT the role for you
  • Ability to handle 200+ emails/day, including rapid tasks and long-term projects
  • Experience with handling busy executive’s calendar and travel arrangements
  • Experience handling VIP communication and travel arrangements for VIP guests
  • Experience drafting and reviewing business documents and contracts
  • Experience with remote work tools including Slack, Video conferencing, Google for Work, WordPress
  • Experience working with contracts and tracking and maintaining records (You’ll be the primary contact in many situations)
  • Command of English Language – Can communicate in a happy cheery upbeat format in a written format in American english tenses and customs
  • Experience handling personal affairs such as shopping, ordering gifts, scheduling personal appointments, and maintaining household items
  • Must be a self-starter, self-motivated and able to work independently with minimal oversight
  • Must be comfortable developing and working in a virtual relationship, and having a limited amount of face-time
  • Able to work remotely, with own computer and Internet access.
  • This is a 100% REMOTE POSITION. (With several trips each year for all team meetings or project meetings in Moses Lake WA)

How I want to work  

  • I want to give you full discretion and authority on all aspects of my calendar, scheduling and relentlessly protecting my time and making sure it’s spent on what’s most important to me and my business
  • You are challenging how I am spending my time and keeping my calendar focused on our most important priorities – You’re saying “I’ve got this one” and jumping to help take things off of my plate (without me asking)
  • I want to minimize the niceties and pleastries back and forth in exchanges on slack and email and touchpoints. I appreciate you immensely and us spending extra time saying thanks back and forth is extra time that could be used on moving our mission forward to help more people
  • I want you to acknowledge that you got something on slack (choose an icon that you like to use) no need for responding unless it requires a further response. That’s also time I could be spending elsewhere. I want to trust that you’ve got it, and will take care of it according to the values in our company
  • If you have questions I want you to provide me EXACTLY what you need. I don’t want to have to guess. You must be able to ask for what you want/need. If you can’t, this isn’t the right role for you. This means I need you to read through everything on your own, use your decision making ability and then ask only for specifically what you need from me. Don’t make me interpret what you want/need
  • Your goal is to get things done in the most effective way possible NOT just to get things done. My goal is this too
  • I don’t just work during the week. I want to shift more of my time to during the week, however if I’m planning on working a weekend or at a speaking engagement or traveling, I will need you to be available by text, slack or email at certain times
  • If I’m not getting something done that you know is important I need your help to make it easier. Ex. If someone needs something via email but I can’t get to it or things are stacking up I want you to read the email and get them an answer (as yourself) or read through everything and ask the exact question they need to know in our touchpoint to get an answer from me
  • I want you reviewing my email and folders every day. If I need to see something from you let’s make sure it’s in our touchpoint
  • I need you to act as an ambassador to the company by making sure that you’re using the verbiage that I use and choosing to use that with others in our community and on our team. Also by role modeling our values at every step

CEO Exec Assistant Support

  • Managing my entire personal and business schedule, choosing and protecting how I spend my time
  • Ordering Personal and Business orders
  • Purchasing Gifts
  • Coordinating, planning, purchasing and rearranging travel. Acting as a point on the ground to make sure I have what I need when I’m traveling. 
  • Coordinating and Tracking Contracts and Agreements
  • Writing and Drafting emails for me 
  • Representing me and our company in phone interactions
  • Scheduling out my day every day and sending the day’s agenda to the printer my afternoon before (so I can plan most valuable tasks to execute)
  • Interacting directly with our clients and students 

CEO Personal Assistant Support

Customer Support and Service

  • Answer customer service questions in (web app for tickets and customer service tracking) and from the support website to get clients and listeners what they need and connecting them with our resources.
  • During Launches and other key times answering questions in LiveChat 
  • Make sure clients are getting access to the materials they’ve purchased and their coaches.
  • Create and update Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and add new SOPs to the training website. Make sure SOP’s are accurate and current. 

CEO and Leadership team support

  • Provide weekly updates to the team by preparing a slideshow presentation to be available by Monday morning, to include updates from team members.
  • Handle administrative tasks that go beyond this scope as directed.
  • Create forms for job postings, surveys, and website. (using Typeform webapp)

Researching for events and opportunities

  • Travel Locations, Venue Options, Dinner Reservations, Keyword Research/Topic Research, other travel for our brand


  • Gifts and Cards for our podcast interview guests and for our students when they pass a milestone (complete the program)

Responding to (and anticipating) our Clients needs in our coaching and career change bootcamp programs

  • Making contact with all people that join our Free and Paid courses to make sure they’re having success

Social Media – Posting for each blog post to all channels using copy

  • Formatting, tagging and posting copy for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Creating Social Media images for and
  • Social Media – Creating images using our brand templates in Canva

Customer Service (you own zendesk and the issue resolution for our clients/students)

  • Effectively Responding to messages/tickets in Zendesk
  • Emails

Calendars for the team

  • Emailing for changes and coordinating calendars
  • arrangements for VIP guests

Miscellaneous items

  • Updating SOPs and Training Regularly 
  • Daily Reporting
  • Other duties as the role evolves