Blog and Website Editor/Content Coordinator

At Happen to Your Career we are a small rapidly growing company that believes in you doing work you love and doing work in your strengths.
We value potential over experience and give high preference to those are already familiar with our brand and how we help people live the life they want to!
In this contract project position you will be working closely with myself, our Podcast Manager/Producer and the rest of our team to make sure that every single week our new stories, content, podcast show notes, blog posts and pages are looking fantastic, easy for our customers to read AND absolutely captivating! You will also get the opportunity to continuously improve our processes and make them better… always!
What you’ll be doing
  • Creating, posting, editing, and formatting the blog posts that we or our guest contributors write
  • Writing Copy for the blog posts that accompany our podcasts
  • Create, design, and write copy for landing pages, sales pages, posts and other not so random pages
  • Creating show specific images using Canva or another photo editor
  • Provide feedback into the design and user experience of the Happen to Your Career Website (especially the blog posts and show notes)
We’re looking for someone who: 
  • Writing comes easy to you: You don’t have to be a professional copywriter (although it’s great if you are!) but when I say about 700 words you think “that’s not a big deal” instead of “seriously that feels like a college paper”. For some reason writing is just not that difficult for you. You’re probably the type of person who doesn’t respond in 1 word replies to email (you may already even have sent me paragraphs of a response if I’ve ever emailed you before!)
  • Gets annoyed when visual details are out of order or when something is hard to find on a website, you may or may not be a perfectionist but you like things to look good and be user friendly
  • Knows what the backend of a wordpress site looks like, when I say install the plugin for google authorship that doesn’t faze you, you either already know what it is or you are confident you can figure it out.
  • You probably have a blog or a website (or both) if not you probably write much more than your friends do on social media!
  • You find solutions: You can’t help it, when something goes wrong you have a “I will figure this out” mentality about you!
This is a 100% remote work project position. It starts with a small project contract and depending on how you do will grow from there!
(when you help us help more people and help them better… we have more to invest into you)