Content Marketer/Podcast Manager (Full Time)

At Happen to Your Career we are a small, rapidly growing, company that helps people create and find fulfilling work, one person at a time.

We value unconventional results, using your strengths to succeed and to help our company grow in order to be able to help as many people as we possibly can.

Your primary role is to own revising and setting new standards for all of our PoP (Path of Possibility) content (for the purpose of helping even more people get to their own version of fulfilling work).


IImmediately: You will own revising our PoP content standards, strategizing and planning launches, to increase the number of engaged subscribers, ensure that every email we send out, and every podcast we publish meets all of our PoP content requirements.

This means: You will need to be able to dig in and learn our content inside and out, and use your skillset to revise and implement changes so that we are optimizing all content and marketing to meet our goals: Create all our content for the purpose to educate, give hope, empower people to share, allow for people to opt-in/continue to engage and above all be genuinely helpful, personal, and stand out.

In the future: (As we hit specific goals and milestones) you will be part of a growing Podcast & Marketing Team


  • We get podcast reviews, emails and other feedback saying “Happen To Your Career literally changed my life” or “I can’t live without the HTYC podcast”
  • Our podcasts are reaching 600,000+ people on Spotify (in 2022) because people can’t help but subscribe, listen and share
  • Subscriber counts are going up exponentially on Spotify and Apple podcast players
  • Our email active subscribership, clicks, opens continuously increase.


  • Launches/Email marketing: Activities surrounding planning program launches, writing emails 
  • Podcast: Episode planning, writing podcast introduction scripts, descriptions, supporting copy
  • Writing/Editing: Work within brand voice to create, update, and refine blog posts, guest posts on other sites, teaching notes, course video scripts, slide decks, workbooks, bonuses, and ancillary materials as needed. GOAL: Making sure that what we put into the world is “Anti-Vanilla” and different material (and fits our values below)
  • Website: Managing our site, making page edits and changes, optimizing SEO.
  • Analytics and Testing: A/B Testing and continually monitoring Analytics, Experiments and Tests will be a constant part of your role.


  • You love diving deep into owning all things content related: You know what it takes to make a podcast stand out, gain subscribers, and are not afraid to be creative to get it done. You know our content and can write amazing PoP Content for our audience.
  • You have solid experience in running a successful podcast: You know all the moving parts, you know what needs to be done, and you get results.
  • You know your way around WordPress: You know how to build and edit pages, work with plugins, optimize pages for SEO, and it’s no big deal to you (but you enjoy making it awesome).
  • You can execute much quicker than the average person: You’re used to running laps around the average person in corporate America.
  • You can’t help making things better: Continuous improvement is a stupid term because it’s just a way of life for you. 
  • You find solutions: You can’t help it, when something goes wrong you have a “I will figure this out and make it happen” mentality about you!
  • You’ve worked remotely before: This is a nearly 100% remote work position – You must have worked remotely before (Bonus if you’ve led remote teams.)

Non-Requirements (this means Bonus Points if you have them):

  • Already are very familiar with our brand and what we stand for – HINT  our podcast is a great way to become familiar with what we do.
  • You’ve used scrum, kaizen, or agile work methodologies. (We use these for helping our clients progress and for our own company work.) 

Happen To Your Career Values (We live by these, not even kidding):

Be Ridiculously Helpful – We take care of our people and their people too. We treat others like humans and we exceed expectations in every interaction. 

Signature Strengths – We do what we are the best at. We use our uniqueness and what we enjoy doing. We enable everyone around us do the same.

It’s Personal – We want every single touch to feel like we care – because we do. This isn’t just work, it’s a representation of us, our clients and how we impact the world. 

One Life – We go for what scares us; we intentionally get outside our comfort zones and push ourselves and everyone we interact with for growth and we have fun doing it.

Leverage – We use technology and systems to do anything that a human doesn’t need to. We use science and research to influence how we do work (and how we teach others to do work and life).

Give Pareto a hug –  we fail often and fast and make mistakes early and are transparent about them. We remove what isn’t working and relentlessly seek out and prioritize the top 4% of what works; We call this out every opportunity.

This is a nearly 100% remote work project position. The only exception to this is we will get the entire team together several times each year (usually 2-3) partially because we actually like each other and partially because it’s important to do certain types of work in person. 

Check out this Handbook to Working With Scott for more info about how we work.