Growth Hacker/Marketing Operations Manager

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Growth Hacker/Marketing Operations Manager (Part/Full time)

At Happen to Your Career we are a small, rapidly growing, company that believes in doing work you love and doing work in your strengths.
We value unconventional results and perpetually working on our Mission of making career happiness possible for the real people we serve. 
In this contract project position you will be working closely with myself, our Content Team, and our Director of Student Success for all of our products and brands (Happen to Your Career, Career Change Bootcamp, Family Passport, etc). Your primary role is to help us achieve explosive growth each year.
Specifically this means going from our continuous rate of 35% growth in every aspect of our business to 100% plus growth, year over year.

Key Results Areas (this is how you know if you’re doing a stellar job):

  • You're continually improving conversions in everything you touch (funnels, nurture sequences, landing pages, emails, etc).
  • We are over achieving on our all our monthly goals (conversion, revenue and student).
  • Finding unconventional and innovative ways to help us grow explosively (100% YoY or more) 
  • Removing anything that is extra that gets in the way of the three above! (And helping us prioritize how to use our resources.) Helping us eliminate what isn’t working and focus our time on what does.
  • We are making changes because of data that has been produced by you.

A Small Sampling What you’ll be doing

    • Faithfully executes the business plan, achieving or exceeding planned P&L Objectives.
    • Leads, manages, and holds the team accountable for achieving agreed-upon commitments. We run a remote team with team members spread all over the world.
    • Growth Hacking. We don't have to explain what this you'll find unconventional hacks for marketing and new users with minimal resources. *If you don't have growth hacking experience, there's no need to apply. 
    • Resolves issues effectively—seeing real problems, being comfortable with conflict, calling out the problems, and solving the problems in a practical and healthy manner. Ensures the leadership team is healthy, functional, and Cohesive.
    • Ensures that everyone is truly following, and adhering to, the company’s core processes and operating system with consistency. Demonstrates effective project management skills.
    • Effectively collaborates with the CEO and stays on the same page.
    • Confirms that all key messages are properly and consistently cascaded across the organization. Inherently ensures that everyone is in the know. Verifies that a high level of effective communication exists throughout the organization.
    • Optimizing all content and marketing to meet our goals: create all our content for the purpose to educate, give hope, empower people to share, allow for people to opt-in/continue to engage and above all be genuinely helpful, personal, and stand out.
    • Ideation and development: Work with CEO other content team members to give voice to our self-development concepts, frameworks, and tools in podcasts, blog posts, videos, live workshops, webinars, and online courses.
    • Marketing Operations: Work within brand voice to create, update, and refine blog posts, guest posts on other sites, teaching notes, course video scripts, slide decks, workbooks, bonuses, and ancillary materials as needed. GOAL: Making sure that what we put into the world is “Anti-Vanilla” and different material (and fits our values below)
    • Analytics and Testing: A/B Testing and continually monitoring Analytics, Experiments and Tests will be a constant part of your role. You will be the Analytics Expert on the team and should have lots of Google analytics expertise
    • Curation: Update and integrate existing intellectual assets into relevant formats (ex. old blog posts and podcasts into new guides and more relevant posts).
    • Production: Work with Content Team to produce audio, video, PDF, design elements and other content. Populate course sites for multiple products. Coordinate any necessary transcription, copywriting, video, audio, and/or design needs.
    • Coordination and Project Management: Participate in weekly meetings with CCO and other content creators on team projects. Hire and supervise contractors (e.g., writers, audio/video producers, editors, designers, proofers, creatives, writers, etc.) to ensure clear communication regarding deadlines, deliverables, etc.

We’re looking for someone who:

      • Already has experience growth hacking – You've already helped other organizations find low cost ways to grow and retain their customer and user base. You're obsessive, curious and analytical when it comes to finding these opportunities
      • Dependably demonstrates a relentless obsession with values alignment, focus,
        simplicity, and clarity. Period
      • It’s not your first rodeo with leading teams AND project management Many of our projects take weeks or months to complete and have multiple people involved. Being a leader and an executor simultaneously is something you enjoy immensely, especially when you have the freedom to decide how it’s done!
      • It floats your boat when you think about creating world class really really helpful content: We want to push the boundaries of creating incredible value driven highly personalized, highly emotional and medium snarky content for our audience. We only want to put it's ok if you're drooling a bit right now.
      • You can execute much quicker than the average person: You're used to running laps around the other people in corporate America
      • You can't help making things better: Continuous improvement is a silly term because it's just a way of life for you.
      • Loves creating and marketing: In fact you've probably talked to someone about one of these in the last 24 hours… You can't help it, it's cool! Let your Nerd Flag fly!
      • you don’t have to google SEO: You do understand SEO in content marketing and have used it (with the URLs to prove it)
      • Knows what the backend of a wordpress site looks like, when I say trade out the images on the About page or replace the Payment links on the sales page it doesn’t faze you, you either already know what it is or you are confident you can figure it out.
      • Understands Direct Response Copywriting: You have a proven ability to get people to take action thru content. You enjoy the challenge of helping people move to action with words and visuals. (we will look for examples of this)
      • You find solutions: You can’t help it, when something goes wrong you have a “I will figure this out and make it happen” mentality about you!This is a 100% remote work contract project position. It starts with a small project contract and depending on how you do will grow from there! It’s paid both on retainer for services and results generated for Happen to Your Career.

What we Value at Happen to Your Career

Here’s the way we run our business, if you can’t get behind these things then please don’t apply. This is what we live and breathe.
Be Ridiculously Helpful; We take care our people… and their people too! We treat others like humans and we exceed expectations in every interaction
Signature Strengths – We do what we are the best at and use our uniqueness and what we enjoy doing, we enable everyone around us do the same
Personal – We want every single touch to feel like we care – because we do!
One Life – We go for what scares us; we intentionally get outside our comfort zones and push ourselves and everyone we interact with for growth
Leverage – We use technology and systems to do anything that a human doesn't need to.
Give Pareto a hug; we fail often and fast and make mistakes early and are transparent about them, We remove what isn’t working and relentlessly seek out and prioritize the top 4% of what works; We call this out every opportunity!

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