Partnerships and Affiliate Manager

At Happen to Your Career we are a small, rapidly growing, company that believes in doing work you love and doing work in your strengths.
We value potential over experience and give high preference to those are already familiar with our brand and how we help people live the life they want to!
In this contract project position you will be working closely with myself, our Content Team and our Podcast Manager and the rest of our team to make sure that every single week we are reaching more people and offering them incredibly valuable and useful content. You do this by creating “Triple Win” partnerships and affiliate relationships (meaning a clear win for us, the partner company, and their audience)
    What you’ll be doing
    • Identifying potential partners and getting introductions to them or reaching out to them to build a long term relationship with HTYC
    • Meeting with partners around the world via the magic of the internet to determine their business needs and see where there is opportunity to help them.
    • Coordinating every aspect of the project to make each partnership go (tech needs, landing pages, affiliate links) this means either doing it yourself or working with the right person on the team to make this happen.
    • Making decisions about deals with our partners (affiliate commissions %, content we produce, time committed, etc.)
    • Identifying partners and negotiating sponsorships for our podcasts.
    • Creating systems and automations that help make it easier for our partners.
    We’re looking for someone who: 
    • Reaching out to other people in unique ways comes easy to you:
    • Already knows that copywriting isn’t misspelled legal terminology: You may not be the world’s best copywriter but your not a novice either and get easily conjure up some emotions in someone who reads your direct response copy.
    • Knows what the backend of a wordpress site looks like, when I say install the plugin for google authorship that doesn’t faze you, you either already know what it is or you are confident you can figure it out.
    • You probably have a blog or a website or even a biz of your own (or all of the above)
    • You find solutions: You can’t help it, when something goes wrong you have a “I will figure this out and make it happen” mentality about you!
    This is a 100% remote work contract project position. It starts with a small project contract and depending on how you do will grow from there!
    It’s paid both on retainer for services and results generated for Happen to Your Career and partners.

    Key Results Areas (this is how you know if you’re doing a stellar job):

    • Building mutually beneficial partnerships with other businesses to promote our products. (Your performance is directly dependent on you serving our partners well!)
    • Prioritizing which partners to spend your (not-so-infinite) time based on the amount of value we add (and people we get to help)
    • Building (and creating) programs that make it incredibly easy for our partners to spread the word about our business
    • Removing anything that is extra that gets in the way of the three above!

    What we value at Happen to Your Career

    Here’s the way we run our business, if you can’t get behind these things then please don’t apply.

    Be Ridiculously Helpful; We take care our people… and their people too! We treat others like humans and we exceed expectations in every interaction

    Signature Strengths – We do what we are the best at and use our uniqueness and what we enjoy doing, we enable everyone around us do the same

    Personal – We want every single touch to feel like we care – because we do!

    One Life – We go for what scares us; we intentionally get outside our comfort zones and push ourselves and everyone we interact with for growth

    Leverage – We use technology and systems to do anything that a human doesn't need to.

    Give Pareto a hug; we fail often and fast and make mistakes early and are transparent about them, We remove what isn’t working and relentlessly seek out and prioritize the top 4% of what works; We call this out every opportunity!

    Yes this is definitely Me!

    Still interested?

    Questions? email