Alistair Marshall

Director of Community Success
and Career Coach

I am passionate about helping you own your career and find joy in what you do!


I was born in the UK and moved to the USA in 2011, I’ve lived in LA, NYC and now back in LA! Prior to starting my own Leadership and Career coaching practice in 2018 I had various executive leadership positions within the fashion industry including Ted Baker, Dior and Hugo Boss. I made the career pivot in order to fulfil my passion for working with people and supporting their journey every single day! 


My reading philosophy is as follows; fiction books on my kindle, non-fiction books in paperback, audio books for when I travel. Thus far it serves me well!

I love His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman and Lord of the Rings, both of which I’ve read 3 times! 


I love Star Trek, Marvel movies and Star Wars and can easily geek out for hours! I love to cook, take a peloton ride and I watch far too much reality TV for my own good!


  • Strengths finder 2.0 – My top strengths are: 
    • Relator
    • Individualization
    • Communication 
    • Activator 
    • Ideation
  • Enneagram – My primary type is 8
  • ENTJ

Why I work with HTYC:

We’re a team of people who care deeply about our clients, who want the best for them and are committed to supporting, guiding and coaching them to success. I work here because of the people, the energy and the sense of humour! 

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