Nina Payan

Marketing Team Leader

Outdoor enthusiast, dancing machine, rock ‘n’ roller, lover of art and design, mycology nerd, and philosophical thinker.


I am a highly motivated, diverse marketer with over a decade of strategic and operational brand management focusing on demand generation and digital marketing, delivering results that increase revenue, customer engagement, and competitive differentiation.

My design background gives me the unique advantage of combined analytical skills plus creative problem-solving, resulting in the ability to transform data into successful brand campaigns and improved processes.

When I am not connected digitally I am connecting to nature, enjoying art, and traveling. I find solace in hiking, kayaking, backpacking, and identifying fungi and love having a good time with friends supporting local art shows, watching the latest play, checking out live music, and dancing.


  • Confederacy of Dunces
  • A Clockwork Orange
  • Factotum
  • The Four Agreements


I love to dance and have been in dance classes most of my life including ballet, jazz and tap. My newest passion is for flamenco and have been practicing for about 7 years.


Strengths Finder Top 5:

  • Developer
  • Input
  • Learner
  • Responsibility
  • Arranger

Why I work with HTYC:  

I work with HTYC because they are a talented team who are driven to change the way people live and thrive in their careers. HTYC is not only helping people find fulfillment in their daily work, it is creating happier people and happier families who all contribute to a healthier society.

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