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When you are trying to transition from one job to another, it can feel like that transition is going to take FOR-E-VER!!  The key is to find people to support and encourage you through that transition.  In this episode Mark and Scott share stories from their personal experiences regarding career transitions–voluntary and otherwise–and how important having support is in those situations.

Horrible Job Situations:

Scott shares what it feels like to be fired from a job.

  • You feel very alone
  • You feel like you've been kicked in the gut
  • You feel you've lost part of who you are – we associate ourselves with what we do
  • “How did this happen to me???”
  • You feel embarassed

In this situation, not only do you feel alone, you begin to isolate yourself.

Mark shares how it felt to be in a job where you're completely miserable. He absolutely hated his job…He would feel sick to his stomach Sunday afternoon just thinking about going to work the next day.  Working 70 hours a week.

  • You feel stuck
  • You feel like you don't have time to find other opportunities
  • You feel like you're spinning your wheels
  • You feel like the transition is never ending

Situations like the ones that Scott and Mark shared would be a lot easier if he would've had more support, resources, encouragement during this experience.

How having support helps:

  • Mindset – exposure to people that understood the possibilities and knew how to make the transition happen would accelerate the process
  • Take action – being encouraged by those around you helps you take action quicker.
  • Kick in the butt – Sometimes you just need a kick in the butt…someone to tell you “Cowboy up, Cupcake!”
  • Encouragment – having someone to encourage you and keep you going when you get depressed or frustrated.

You can make a job transition without support…

But it's a lot harder!!

Whenever someone wants to change, people find support — addiction recovery support groups, mastermind groups etc.

Successful people gather around them people that they can trust and that will encourage and support them!

With these things in mind, HTYC is taking a big step forward!

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Work You Love One StopWhat is the Work You Love: One Stop

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You will have input as to the things that will be included in the WYL: One Stop.

Bottom line, WYL: One Stop is a one stop place to find community support, advice, tools and resources to help you accelerate your job transition.  

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