Emily Chase Smith, HTYC, Happen To Your CareerEmily Chase Smith comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. She's had many business ventures, some more successful than others. She graduated law school at 21.  She lived overseas for 5 years in Prague, Czech Republic with her family and now focuses her law practice on bankruptcy.

Emily now works with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them manage their money more effectively.  The guiding principle of her life is freedom.  In this interview, Emily explains to Scott how understanding her value and helping others recognize the value you provide can lead to more freedom than you think is possible!


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Books & Resources Emily Chase Smith Mentions in the Interview

 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller


Who Inspires Emily Chase Smith?

Dan Miller 


Check out Emily Chase Smith's Endeavors

Emily's website – The Entrepreneur's Money Expert

Emily's first book – The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur (coming out Summer 2014)


Parting Advice


Connect with Emily Chase Smith

Twitter: @EmilyChaseSmith





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