Welcome to the "Figure it Out" 8 day series!

Most people sign up for this course because they are either not happy or not completely fulfilled with what they do for work!
Often they’ve spent time looking at job opportunities online and thinking how depressing it is! or they've recently had the realization that “this can’t be all there is” to work. You might have even already taken assessments, personality tests and quizzes only to find out that you’re still in the same place
You know that what you’re doing right now isn’t what you where you want to be forever, but you’re not even sure where to begin! worse yet you might have already tried a few things
Recently I spoke on the phone with an HTYC’er named Matt, he told me “I’m looking for a career, not just a job!”
He said he felt like he was just wasting his time doing what he was doing right now!
Here’s the thing!
Nobody ever teaches you how to do it differently.
My parents didn’t teach me this, When I went to College it was their job to help me select a major NOT to help me figure out what I was truly amazing at.
This led me to take a job that I fell into.
I knew it wasn’t the perfect thing for me, but I took it because that’s what everyone told me I should do! That it was a good job and I should be thankful that the opportunity was there.
So I did and I spent the next 12 months trying to convince myself that this was just what work was like. It had to suck and the goal of life was to tolerate it so you could do what you really wanted on the weekends.
I finally had enough after freaking out with anxiety on the way to the office on my 2 hour per day commute and told my boss I thought I made a mistake taking the job.
He apparently thought he had made a mistake too because 3 weeks later he fired me.
I spent the next 7 years learning how to make career changes and how to figure out what work you are meant to be doing that uses what we call your signature strengths and is unapologetically you!
The “Figure It Out” video and email series will cover some of the most important pieces of what I’ve learned. It will also give you exercises to help guide you through the process!
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Oh by the way if you get stuck, just hit reply to any of the emails and we can get you help from either me or my team! This work is hard but it’s worth doing. If you need help we can pair you with whatever type of help will best fit you!
I read every email I get and respond directly to as many as I can.
Look out for our next email soon! and in the meantime drop me a comment below about why you signed up for this 8 day video series in the first place
Let’s get you to work that you love!

Leave us a comment about why you signed up for the 8 day series?