The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Career that Fits You – Part 4


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What you want out of life (not just your career)

Your work affects your life more than just about anything else.

I love when I hear people say, “I just compartmentalize my life–work is work and home is home.”  

I know what they’re saying, and I agree on a philosophical level.  But the reality, sadly, is different. You cannot completely separate your work and your home life.  The different areas of your life end up getting mixed–just like the peas and mashed potatoes at Christmas dinner. It just happens.

Here's a story

My wife and I were almost completely out of $138,500 worth of debt which took us nearly 3.5 years to pay off. I had just negotiated a massive increase in pay at my job, Alyssa and I had just run several half marathons, and I had gone from almost 230 pounds to nearly 180.

It hit me then that I had wanted to do those things for a long time before I started doing them, but my career choices made it more difficult for me to do so. Likewise, my bad life choices, (not really having a plan and being clueless about what I wanted), had caused me to gain a bunch of weight, surround myself with expensive cars and toys (and pay for them with borrowed money), and to have my self confidence suffer the whole time.

I realized in that moment- running the 3 mile loop near my house, that the first step was defining EXACTLY what we wanted in each of these areas of our life!


Relevant Graphic/Image/Quote

You can only create a useful path, if you know where it is leading.

Today’s focus is not on your career at all.

Today is about all the other aspects of your life. AND DECIDING WHAT YOU WANT.

We use the HTYC profile to help people decide what it is that they want in each of these areas. Click below on the post and from there, you can download the profile.   


Action Item

Don’t worry about how to get there, in any of these areas yet. This course is all about helping you take the next step.
Don’t let your mind tell you that you shouldn’t declare something because you haven’t figured out how to get there yet.


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