The Story


Ever wanted to know the story behind Happen to Your Career and how it was founded?

Jody Maberry from the Park Leaders Show and Maberica LLC is co hosting on the show to help provide the behind the scenes story of Happen to Your Career. Jody is a story telling expert and fan and there is no better person to help HTYC with making sure that our site and brand are dripping with not just our story, but as Jody points out in the episode, helping our Customers understand how they fit in to the fabric of the HTYC story.

He tells a couple good ones himself (just to show off a bit ;)) and you can hear it all right here or on iTunes or Stitcher

In this episode you learn about

  • Scott's story of getting fired from his first professional job
  • Jody's story with a drastic unexpected twist (you have to listen to near the end to hear it)
  • How to tell the story of your brand and make sure your audience sees themselves in the story

Jody MaberryYou can find Jody Maberry on twitter @JodyMaberry

Also see Jody on a webinar we did a while back on building relationships