Dan Miller Coaching Application/Indiegogo Proposal

Hi Dan and the 48 days team,

I really appreciate you reading this. The whole team here are huge fans! This is going to sound a little odd and maybe a little crazy, but I think that we (a small business from central Washington state) can help you. You can certainly help us. We would like to apply for coaching beginning in September this year. We would also like to propose a way we can help each other through an indiegogo campaign. If you take 10 minutes to watch the video and read through this whole proposal, you will find it worth your while and maybe even entertaining!

Start Here with this video!

We are still getting up and running and have a strong need for coaching and mentorship, hence this application. We are committed to growing the business debt free and because of this we have an indiegogo campaign to help launch the podcast, pre-sell an ebook and begin creating a set of value added services to help transform the lives of people who want more out of their work.

Here is a link to a video about our Podcast. This will go on our site in the next week after some more editing. The password is HTYC

Our goal is to provide inspiration, tools, and road maps for the journey to work that you were meant to do and uses your signature strengths. We want to help people find happiness through their careers and have it impact the rest of their lives. We believe this is complementary to what you do and that through our nationally marketed indiegogo campaign we will be able to expose you to new audiences so you can reach more people while having us do all the work!

See “who we are” at the bottom of the page (we imagine you would really want to understand what we are about prior to even considering something like this). We think you will find that our values and goals align really well with yours.

Here is What we are looking for from you:

  • Bumblebee package for coaching (paid at double the price WHEN we reach our stretch goal of $50K, regular price if we make less) 
  • Allow us to do a LIMITED (between 10 and 50) Dan Miller or 48 Days package as a perk on Indiegogo during the campaign. This will be in the $300-700 range (preferably around $500) and will include as many of your already created resources, digital products, pdf versions of books and anything else you can offer that would provide value) It would also need to offer a unique limited time experience, preferably 1-2 webinars where they have access to you and you provide ample time for discussion and questions to this limited group. YOU HAVE FINAL CHOICE ON COST OF PERK AND EXACTLY WHAT IS INCLUDED.
  • An interview on the Podcast (as a guest who has already discovered the work he was meant to do) and record a 30-60 second video with a message that you are coming on the podcast and excited to be there (we have asked this of all the awesome guests we have lined up) John Dumas and Farnoosh Barack are two of them along with several other members of the 48 days.net community (and many others who believe in what we are doing!)
  • Willingness to do 1 session of coaching for 30-60 minutes in nashville and allow us (the HTYC team and 2 contributers) to buy you breakfast or another meal sometime in October or November as your schedule allows.

Why on Earth would you want to do this? (what are the benefits?)

  • First and foremost we can inspire more people if we work together to on this project to help them transition to the work they love
  • It will create an amazingly unique and fun success story for the 48 days community. (You already have a lot but here is one more)
  • We would do all the work. You would use all resources that you have already created and simply re-purpose them to offer value to those that do not already have all of them.
  • You will be exposed to a large number of people (with us doing all the work). We have a pretty intensive promotions campaign planned that we would be happy to share the details of. I personally will be spending 4-5 hours a day promoting this campaign along with other members of the campaign team doing separate work.
  • You would get 37% of the “Dan Miller Package” perks sold (less Indiegogo fees) and double the price of coaching when we reach our stretch goal of $50,000.
  • You would have total control over what package is offered, how many and at what price point. We figure you understand the value of your stuff better than we do.

What do we get out of the deal?

  • To associate with the 48 days team (You guys are awesome!)
  • A chance to say Thank You for everything you have done to impact our lives.
  • Coaching from the Best with someone who aligns really well with our values and understands the territory we are moving through. 
  • More exposure and credibility than we would have without a Dan Miller package on the Campaign
  • An awesome and fun story! As you can tell we are into the stories….

What if you say no?

  • We are still pushing on ahead to help people get to work they were meant to do! We thought that this would be a fun and unique way to collaborate though that could create a win win for all parties involved!
  • We are open to other ideas and suggestions you might have for our campaign or other ways to collaborate.

 Who We Are

Click here to see the team of people working to transition HTYC to a new business model. We also have a number of others that are working with us on the Indiegogo Campaign. We are a proudly debt free newly started organization with a lot of passionate people involved!

How to Contact us about this proposal or coaching or just to chat or to prank call or whatever…

Scott Barlow 509-869-7909


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