How To Become a CareerĀ Coach



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How to Become a Career Coach Podcast

This podcast is for you as an aspiring career coach. I interview career coaches, new and experienced, to bring to light the variety of ways to become a career coach (there's not just one path!). You'll hear their personal story of transition into career coaching as well as their advice to you as you get started.

My Personal Research on Career happiness

This document is the research I've collected about career happiness – and it's still a living document as I continue to learn more. You'll have access to the years it has taken me to compile all of these tidbits of information.

3 Exclusive Videos from our PCC Program

These 3 videos were made exclusively for the Professional Career Coach Training and Certification Program we developed at Happen To Your Career.


  • Deciding Your Target Market
  • Three Options for Setting Prices
  • Ready or Not, Here Clients Come

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