If you are reading this post, you are one of our favorite people!!  You are part of the core group that believes that people can, in deed, find and step into work that they love.  You are part of a group of people that believes in the mission of Scott Barlow and Happen To Your Career.

HTYC, Happen To Your Career

First off, thank you for all you’ve done so far!  You might’ve contributed some to the Indiegogo campaign, you might’ve shared our blog posts, you’ve shared our social status updates and you’ve encouraged us.

We’re now into the second phase of launching Happen To Your Career.  Scott, Mark and the HTYC team have worked countless hours putting together the format for the HTYC Cast, they’ve purchased equipment and software and fine-tuned settings, they’ve connected with some fantastic folks—many of whom will be guests in upcoming episodes.

And it all comes down to this:  The HTYC Cast debuts on September 30th!!!  We are so excited to bring to you stellar guests, Including John Lee Dumas, Farnoosh Brock, Michael Kawula, Matt McWilliams and countless others!

These guests are going to open up their hearts, open up their minds and open up their playbooks to you.  So you can learn from them how you can get on the path—or move further down the path towards work that you absolutely love!

Again, we are so very grateful for the encouragement and support that you’ve given HTYC so far.  If you’d be so kind, here are 5 things you can do to help us in this next phase of HTYC:

  1.  Download the podcast next Monday, September 30th!!!
  2. Share the podcast with everyone within your social circles, your friends, coworkers, acquaintances and family.
  3. Leave us a review on iTunes and let us know how you what you think of the podcast (this is huge in helping other people find and benefit from the first class information provided).
  4. Email Scott and Mark with any suggestions you have for the podcast.  What did you like?  What didn’t you like?  What would you suggest?  This is the podcast built for you! Let us know what you think!!
  5. Subscribe to our mailing list to always be the first to learn of new podcast episodes, blog posts, resources and products.


You are the heart and soul of HTYC.  You are why we do what we do!  Together with your help we will help countless individuals change their careers, change their lives and change their families forever!!

Join us!  Share this message.  Share HTYC!

HTYC Cast – September 30, 2013