Today marks the 13th day in a row that me or one of my kids have had the flu in my house. Not like the “you feel a little sick” kind but the “multiple trips to the Doctor and more changed sheets than there are fingers and toes” kind of flu!

But guess what? I want to make sure that this goes out on time because this is the year we get you to work that fits you!

I'm also growing a business I love and it matters too much to let a little flu stop it! This is too important…

The show must go on!

On Monday we talked about how not to be normal!

On Tuesday I showed you how the puzzle works to figure out what you want!

Today let's talk about the future, more specifically your future!

Think about what it would be like if you could do work that you wanted to do!

Some of us can't even fathom that, but really stop and think about it!

Imagine that you wake up in the morning only it's a few minutes before your alarm goes off, not because you're worried about something but instead it's because you're so excited about what you get to do today.

Today's Tuesday! You get out of bed full of energy almost like it's christmas morning. You just woke up but you can't wait to get started on your work.

The weird thing is that you're good at it too. You've been at it for 6 months now and from day one it just felt right.

You're not worried about being able to take time off soon to hang out with your family… you already know that you have the flexibility that you need!

What would that be like to truly enjoy your work?

Here's the problem:

For most of us we can't even imagine what that might be like because we don't even know what we want yet!

You probably feel the exact same way!

If you're overwhelmed with so many options that you feel like you don't even know all of them, you're not alone!

Whether you're looking for a job or to start your own thing, you might even feel like you don't know where to begin!

So you try talking to people about it, and visiting websites and job boards but it's just not that helpful (there's a lot of crappy stuff out there)

It's not like you don't want to leave your job. You know you don't want to be there forever, but you're not exactly sure what it is that you do want.

You feel like if you just knew what it was that would make you happy then you could put everything into it! 

If you just knew what type of work it was then you could start going after that job! Or get started on that business.

But you don't know what it is!

Now you're partially right!

I've told you in the past that happiness isn't about the type job or business you are in! Instead it's about getting very clear on what it is that you're great at and what it is that you value!

Once you understand that you can easily pursue work that fits you!

Let's try it and see if you're ready to go after work that fits you! This is your test: 


Ok you have 60 seconds to answer this question:

What are your strengths? or What are you great at?

Were you able to do it?

Let's try another one:

What do you place the most value on in your life? (60 more seconds)

Time's up!

If you could answer the questions pretty easily the question becomes “are you getting to live in a way that uses you're strengths and allows you to spend the majority of your time in a way that you value?”

But if you couldn't answer those fairly succintly (and mostly) in 60 seconds, you are probably not ready to do work that you truly enjoy.

Instead, not clearly knowing what you want will stop you from doing work that you love.

If you don't know where you're going, how will you be able to get there?

Over the last year we have put together lots of free material to help you begin to answer those questions; 70 podcast episodes, an 8 day email course, several guides, and a boatload of blog posts on our site!

But I want to do even more for you!

because of that, I have put together a step by step course that walks you through every step of the way so you know exactly what you want in your career and in your life.

It's called Figure Out What Fits: Stop being overwhelmed, narrow it down, do work that fits you

It helps you stop doing what you're doing and figure out what you want so you can start taking action on it immediately.

That full version won't release for another 45 days though.

But we have been Beta testing it so that I can make it the very best course of it's kind!

If you would like to be a part of this Beta test 2.0 I am allowing 10 people to help me test it. 

If you are interested in more information just email me at and let me know you want more info. 

Only one catch, I have already filled several of those 10 spots, so hit reply right now if you're interested and I will send you more info!

If you've been in your job but wanting to do something different for more than 3 months, it's about time you do something about it. That's way too long!

If that's you, email me back and let me see how I can help! otherwise you will wake up and another 3 months will have gone by!