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Josh Isaak has a long history of seeing and fulfilling a need. His journey has included dropping out of college in order to run a residential painters franchise, recruiting, service-based business, and currently starting an online software company. Mysky is a CRM that focuses on small businesses.

In this interview, Scott and Josh talk about how Josh went from being terrified of failing to becoming a successful franchise owner and now entrepreneur with a need to conquer both his personal fears and his professional goals.



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Books & Resources Josh Mentions in the Interview

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

His Personal Network


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MySky –

MySky is a CRM that specifically focuses on small businesses and, like CRMs as a whole, helps small business owners manage leads and track sales so they can focus on building their business and providing top-notch customer service.


Parting Advice

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Give yourself permission to be outrageous…and know other people give you permission too!


Connect with Josh

Twitter: @josh_isaak

Email Josh: josh[at]


 Question:  How have you found a need and fulfilled it in your career?


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