Terms and Agreement

The First 60 Days: If you are unhappy for any reason just let us know and we will return our program anytime in the first 60 days. Don't like the colors or fonts we use or too much bass in my voice? No problem, just drop us an email in that time period, we'll ask you show us that you've done the work and we will return your money less the cost of any coaching or kickoff calls that you've scheduled or used.

This is even enough time to go through the entire program to make sure you are perfectly happy with it.

For Career Change Bootcamp and the Signature Coaching ONLY, if you still haven't made a career change in 6 months: 

We are in it to win it with you! If you've gone through the program and haven't made your change in 6 months after completing the CCB modules, we will get on phone with you to do extra bonus coaching and help you diagnose what's going wrong and help you until you do. If you're doing everything we teach and still not able to make a career change from there, we will simply return your money!

During the All our programs, you (of course) are responsible for scheduling your coaching during the month that you've purchased it for.

Example: if you have purchase 2x a month coaching session, you need to schedule and use 2 sessions in a month. Otherwise you no longer have those sessions available to you.

We don't believe this is a risk for you or us, because we've yet to see anyone who is doing what we teach who hasn't made their career change! We are committed to helping you make this work!

I promise that no matter what, it won't be easy! You will still have to show up and do the work, but with CCB we can help make it possible for you!

We find that the students who are getting results most rapidly are those that are diving deeply into the exercises, using every resource we provide and trusting the program, even if it makes you a bit uncomfortable in some areas!

All we ask is that you show us you’ve done the work and made an honest effort to use what we’ve provided for you in the program.

To your new career!


Scott Anthony Barlow