How to Find a Career that Fits: Strengths = Competitive Advantage


Learn the 6 areas you must have for Career Happiness! + Why the way you've been pursuing your career isn't working!

Hey there! Welcome to Part 2 of the Cracking the Code on Career Happiness series. In video 1 we covered how one person’s dream job might not be the same as yours, and how to define what yours really is. I also gave you the research supported 6 keys to feeling fulfilled beyond just the honeymoon period of the job.

BTW – if you haven’t already watched Video 1, pause this video and click here to go back and start with that one. (It will help understand exactly why the strategy we cover in today’s video is overlooked by so many — and yet is incredibly effective in leading to career opportunities that are an amazing fit for you!)

Remember: the opportunity here is much bigger than knowing how to write a great resume/CV. The opportunity is about understanding how you want to spend your time so more of it is solving incredibly interesting problems and helping others in ways that are fulfilling to you.

In the first video, I showed you the puzzle method, but in this video I want to show you how identifying and working within what we call your “Signature Strengths” can help lead you down a lifelong path of continued fulfilling job opportunities.

I also want to show you what to do with that information and how it can actually save you time, energy and focus while making a career change.

Let’s start with strengths. If these are so important, why does half of Corporate America want you to focus on improving your weaknesses? (I mean, have you been to a performance review lately? Talk about missed opportunities.)

I’d like to suggest a different perspective. Let’s take Maggie for example.

She came to us working in advertising and communications, and she was so over her job. We worked with her to identify her strengths –and 4 months later helped her make a career change into a role that leveraged her love for teaching and training but paid her much more than what she was making in advertising. This is where she realized she had a huge competitive advantage, because most people are not well aligned with their strengths. (The ones that are working in their strengths are typically considered to be “high performers” who monopolize the bonuses, raises, and promotions.) That meant that less than 12 months into the role, they were already planning her next promotion and 16 months in, she gets promoted into another role that’s even a better fit for her strengths. 

Maggie has aligned her strengths with her work much more than the average person, but this isn’t true for just Maggie either. We find that tons of people we’ve worked with in our Career Change Bootcamp experience the exact same thing. Those people get promotions, opportunities and growth much faster than average when they are working in their strengths.

When you combine the your strengths with what you want in your life, (like the puzzle method I showed you in the last video) then it creates what we call your “ideal career profile” which allows you to create a clear picture of your ideal career so you can get a sense for what your “destination career” looks like.

Now obviously if you don’t know where you’re going it’s going to be really, really difficult to get there — it becomes like a bad road trip that just won’t end. 

Now that you have this destination, you now have the information that you need to begin pushing aside companies and opportunities that don’t fit you and instead focus only on those that do. Most of the time this comes as a huge relief for the busy people we work with because it means that you don’t have to waste time interviewing or applying or networking with companies that aren’t a great fit.

Now, you might be thinking: “Thanks, Scott. I get it. This is super important, but figuring out exactly what fits me is way more complicated than watching a 15 minute video….” And you would be right. There are thousands of books written on the subject of understanding yourself. And we know that if a simple framework was easy to execute on, everyone would be making six figures while working from their beach condos already or whatever is important to you.  

Maggie and Mike and Sarah had all tried many things before they took these same concepts and used them to achieve results. If you want that too, that’s where I’m sure we can be of help to you I’d love to invite you to learn more about Career Change Bootcamp, our start-to-finish, step-by-step program that uses our tried-and-true framework developed by helping 1,100+ people.

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I want you to experience work that lights you up and uses your strengths and potential. The answers are there for you and we can hold you accountable to finding them and help you . Even if (and maybe especially if) you don’t have the 
“perfect experience” or don’t know how to define your “ideal career” yet.

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