Frequently Asked Questions

I've done all the assessments and I'm still not sure what my ideal career fit is. How will CCB help?

This is true for most people. You might have taken MBTI, DiSC, True Colors, or Strengths Finder, you have your results. They sound good, but then what do you actually do with it?

In Career Change Bootcamp we do use Strengths Finder 2.0 but only as a place to start. 

We then help you understand not just what you are great at, but what you most enjoy and have the potential to be great at. 

Then we take this information and help you use it to get the attention of the people that can hire you or create jobs for you.

Here is an incredibly basic example: If you're an amazing writer but struggle with conversation on the phone, we are likely to have your first interaction with employers be written rather than over the phone. 

We help you take your strengths, experiences and “assets” as a person and use these to connect to companies AND show them how you can help them in the process.

Julie L. (below is an example of this!) 

I have a wedding (or a vacation, bot mitzvah, or really important haircut) coming up. What if I miss a week?

Early students that went through the program demanded flexibility for their busy lives (ok really they asked very politely and were super nice about it) but we have structured the bootcamp so that you can intentionally speed it up or slow it down?

When to slow it down: When you have events that are coming up that may cause you to miss a week or two OR you have less than 5 hours to work on your career change each week. If this is the case you just drop an email to your CCB coach and they help you get on the correct learning plan. 

When to speed it up: If you're trying to make your career change in less than 90 days and have time to do the extra work to make it happen OR if you are just an over achiever and can't help yourself. 

My brother says I can get this information free on the internet? Why would I pay for this program?

No offense to your brother, uncle, friend, or neighbor but most of what your paying for is not the information. It's paying for our team and resources to help you apply the information. 

That said, we have purchased most “comparable” programs out there and consumed many “free” sets of information. We don't see the exact same methods being taught. Particularly the principles about how to understand, adapt and communicate your strengths and how to use those to build relationships with those people who can help you or hire you!

Your brother is right though about one thing. Nearly every piece of information is available on the internet. 

It's a big place. I personally believe that your and my time is too valuable to spend hours upon hours searching for the “best” information. Which is why we put it all in one place. 

Plus aside from our own world class career coaches, we bring in the very best career experts to teach a monthly session that you can attend live and ask all the questions you want.

Of course that's only when you join CCB!

I feel like this is my "last chance" to get my career "right?" Will this help?

It's completely normal to feel that way whether you're in the first 10 years of your career or getting ready to retire.

Short answer: Yes it will help. Absolutely. This is why most people come to us. We are really, really good at helping people do work they are excited about. 

Longer answer: This really isn't your “last chance”.

Once you begin to learn the process that we teach, you begin to realize that your career is a constant tweaking process, so that you're always developing your life and work to be better than it was before. 

We call this process the puzzle method. We combine this with intentional continuous development for your career. That way even after this career change you can use this process for the entire rest of your life to always move yourself to a situation that makes you happy. 

I'm not sure if I want to begin a business of my own or make a change to a different career/company. Will this help me decide?

CCB will help you decide. It helps you get clear on both your strengths AND what is most important to you in your life and career. 

Since building your own business is often a marathon (not a sprint) we also find that for 85% of the people we work with, it's usually best to first work on creating a situation for yourself that allows you successfully build a business on the side. 

This is especially true if you need/want to continue to have income coming in when you're starting to build your business. 

I'm not in the USA, will this help me?

Cool. About one third of our students in Career Change Bootcamp are also like you: In other countries. 

France, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, all over the United Kingdom… just to name a few!!!

Most people think there are MASSIVE differences between how you get a job you are excited about from one geographical region to the next, however since it's always people that hire you, there are far less differences than what you think. 

That said, we still have brought in experts from other countries to be able to share the differences during our Monthly expert webinars. You can watch all of those sessions in the CCB bonus vault. 

One example of that is Margaret Buj, who is a European interview coach. She came on to teach us both the most effective methods to help you interview and what the “actual” differences are from one country to the next. 

Where do I attend class? How does this even work anyway?

CCB is an online course. That means you get to partcipate from the comfort of your own home on your computer. 

Or the student site is completely mobile so you can even listen to the lessons on your commute in the car if you like. 

Since you're also paired up with a coach, you will be using skype, phone or another way to connect for your mock interview coaching, negotiations coaching, or other types of coaching sessions.

For the resume reviews, you will send over a copy of your resume and the types of job descriptions that you're most interested in (after you've figured that part out of course!) then your coach will make you a personalized video stepping you thru exactly where you can get the most leverage out of your resume. (what to change and how to tailor it for each position)

You can also access the Private Facebook Community at any time for help! 

If I do really good in the course will you name your next kid after me?

With 3 children already, Alyssa and I are pretty much done having kids, but we will put your name into consideration for future pets, boats, and vacation homes.

Oh… we do also love to showcase our student's success stories to help inspire others to take action toward a career they love. 

You say that this bootcamp is about results right? Well what are some of the results other people have acheived working with Happen to Your Career.

I'm so glad you asked (because this is the question I ask quite a bit when I'm choosing to work with someone who I haven't worked with before. 

We have pages and pages of stories/notes from people we've worked with. At this point we've worked with hundreds of people. 

Click Here to see examples of people from Career Change Bootcamp and what they had to say about working with us! or there are several examples below!


Otherwise you should know that we guarantee that you make your career change in less than six months. If haven't made your career change or you're not getting offers in 6 months we will personally get on the phone with you so that you can.