The high paid Overachiever who wanted to stop living by someone else's definition of success and create her own happiness


She had changed jobs several times before. She’d been promoted in each of them and now was 30 years old in New York City and was the top performing person at LinkedIn for her division of sales.

Only one problem, even though she was very well paid and worked with some of the smartest and most motivated people in NYC, she realized that after the most stellar performance year she’d ever had that it wasn’t at all what she wanted out of life.

That’s when she left her company and set about doing the internal work to figure out what she really wanted out of her life and career

“I’ll never forget standing there in my New York City apartment and I was like, ‘It’s done. It’s over' and I opened my bonus check, I can’t even tell you how much money I was earning compared to before.


I opened it up and looked at it and I remember feeling empty and saying out loud, ‘this can’t be all there is to life’.

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From Dissatisfied High Performer to Fulfilling Career!

The Challenge: How to Find Fulfilling Work (Without Knowing What That Is)

She Needed to be Much More Intentional About Her Next Role

That was the aha moment that she needed to stop living life by someone else’s definition of success and creating her own. So within a few months she left her job with the intention to figure out what would actually make her happy.

She knew that until she took the time and effort to identify what was missing, she had no hope of finding it.

All you need to find career happiness is time right? Think again!

Now that she had the time and space in her life to figure out what she wanted and needed, she thought that it would happen. After all she successfully removed the main barrier that we all think we need.

So why did she still not know what she wanted in her life and work?

That’s when she found Happen to Your Career.

“That has been the biggest revelation. I will never go for a job because it’s on some random LinkedIn job blast and it sounds good. Other than me focusing on companies I know I will be appreciated in, able to grow, and be able to work in a collaborative environment. A big part for me was having a flexible work schedule.”

She got everything she wanted from a job! Do you want to discover your ideal work and learn to make it so your dream companies MUST have you!