Project Success, Mark Sieverkropp, Happen To Your Career, HTYCIn this episode Mark and Scott discuss Mark's new book, “Project: Success” — for the second time, due to technical difficulties! Mark explains how utilizing projects in your life can make a huge difference in your life!

The 3 areas discussed are:

  • Gain experience
  • Connect with others and build your network
  • Building self-confidence



Scott tricked Mark into writing this book…


Projects is how Scott and Mark have built Happen To Your Career.


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Don't give into “victim thinking”…doing projects will allow you to gain experience without having to have a boss give you permission to grow and develop experience.

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By working on something besides your regular job (your project), you'll meet people you wouldn't meet otherwise–and people that could help you move to a job or career that you want to move to.

Not doing what you want to be doing wears on you and your self confidence…

Getting Started: 

  • Define what you want to do…what are you passionate about?
  • Put together a plan – step-by-step, milestones, objective

Make a mental shift and look at things in terms of projects.

Everyone who is success uses projects in one form or another.  Put together a plan to intentionally use projects.

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Mark had a conversation with a fellow on Tom Dixon's blog, (Listen to Tom's HTYC podcast episode),

This guy was depressed and frustrated because he'd been unemployed for quite some time — projects are a great thing to do if you find yourself unemployed!  This keeps your skills sharp, avoids the “experience gap” that occurs when you are unemployed, and builds your self confidence.

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Question: Have you used projects in your life? How have you benefitted from doing so? 



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