Matt Shoup, Happen To Your Career, HTYCMatt Shoup was born an entrepreneur. At the energetic and determined age of 9, Matt started his own neighborhood lawn mowing and snow shoveling business. From there he peddled candy out of his middle school locker, only to have that business shut down by the school.  Matt founded M & E Painting with the last $100 he had to spare. In a few short years, Matt grew M & E Painting to a multi-million dollar company. Matt is a keynote speaker and coach and has spoken to thousands of international youth and entrepreneurial groups in English and Spanish. “Become An Award Winning Company”, Matt’s first book, was published in 2011 and Matt has plans to release a second book in 2014. Matt finds great joy in spending time with his wife and two children.

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 by Bronnie Ware

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