Today's post is by Tom Dixon, CPIM. Tom is passionate about building processes and teams to accomplish great things. Tom founded Monday Is Good to leverage his “in the trenches” experience with career transition to help others look forward to Monday. He believes that work should be fulfilling, energizing, and a source of joy in your life.

To purposefully direct your career, you need to be able to tell your story to others. The tool most people rely on is a resume. However, telling your story is much more than that. Regularly evaluating and keeping track of the work you've done:

  • Helps you clarify the unique value you add – so you can be compensated for it.
  • Helps you identify your unique areas of strength – so you can work IN them more.
  • Helps you identify your areas of weakness – so you can compensate for them.
  • Helps you to discover your blind spots.
  • Helps with the heavy lifting when it comes time to update or create your resume.
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A little effort now will go a long way to set yourself apart from the competition. Most people won't do this.

Get creative – here are some ideas:

  • Keep a file of your best work. I'm not talking about annual reviews – although that can be a part of it. When was the last time you did something you were really proud of? Hang on to a copy. Record what the result was – if you can measure it in dollars or time saved that's even better.
  • Keep positive and negative feedback. When you're confronted with an area of weakness, keep track of it. Do you see patterns? Same goes for awards you've won or recognition you've received.
  • Create a physical portfolio. This isn't just for artists anymore. A killer Excel spreadsheet or advertising copy that you crafted are great candidates. You'll need to remove sensitive information, but it's worth the effort. When you look back at the work you have done, you'll be able to see how you've improved over time. Sounds like a story to me. Also, you'll have concrete examples to share when the next opportunity arrives.

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