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Jeff Steinmann is the founder of the boutique lifestyle consulting company, Braveau Experts and author of How to Quit Working, a simple plan to leave your job for a life of freedom. He is a speaker and hosts a weekly show called “The How to Quit Working Show” that features Lifestyle Fanatics who have rejected the idea of having a JOB and put lifestyle first. Jeff also founded a real estate investing company, holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Administration and is a Certified High Performance Coach™.  Most of all, Jeff is a Lifestyle Fanatic, fiercely devoted to finding better ways to “do life”.  In this interview, Scott and Jeff talk about having a “different type of life.”

“Value is something that transforms somebody’s life.” @jeffsteinmann

Determining the path for you

Take Small Steps.  Break your goals down into smaller steps.  This makes it easier to take the next small step.

Read. Purchasing a book at Barnes & Noble may not seem like a big step…but it might be…because it will lead to the next small step, and the next small step, and the next small step.

Invest in yourself.  Take something really valuable to you (your time and money) and exchange it for value from someone else – invest in courses, training, etc.

Talk to someone. Begin mentioning what you want to do with other people.  Starting a dialog with other people validates your idea and increases your confidence!

How do you define value?

Value is something that transforms somebody’s life.

When you exchange money with a business or person, it impacts your life.  Whether that’s a cup of coffee, a large purchase, a course, some kind of entertainment it is all about providing or obtaining value.

The biggest issue we all face.

We all undervalue our skills and abilities.  Every person has something to offer others around them.

Try Jeff’s idea today:  What do you like doing? What hobbies do you have?  Now look around a room that you are in today…is there anyone in that room that is as good as those things as you?

You don’t necessarily have to be the absolute best at what you’re doing…you still have something of value to offer other people.

What is holding you back is that you don’t value what you have to offer enough!

The Idea Mentality

The thought that in order to be successful you have to come up with the next brilliant idea….this is false.  Coming up with an idea is just a “wild-ass guess at what people want”.

You start by having a conversation with someone and determining what people need and want…and then find a way to address those needs.

Friends and Family

Those close to you love you and don’t want to see you fail..and they think the way to do that is to keep you from ever trying anything.

They falsly think it is better to not try and not fail….rather than try and fail.

Applying these ideas to Careers

Become an intrapreneur–find ways to add value within your job.

A Challenge from Jeff

Listen to the podcast for Jeff’s analogy about train tracks and having a job…


Look at what else is possible.  Then decide what you want to do…but at least look at everything that is possible.

Jeff’s major obstacle to doing work that he loves

“Getting out of my own way”

The constant voice inside his head that questions what you’re doing….and it never goes away!

…but it does get easier to address those doubts

Jeff’s view on Television

Stop watching it…or at least quit wasting time watching it!

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