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_Shawn Manaher

-Shawn Manaher

Host of Sidepreneurs Podcast

When you understand what you want in your career,

You can start the side business that fits you!



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The email course was fantastic! For me it was the perfect lead-in to the new One Stop course. The exercises were really helpful and opened my eyes to a few new career/side gig possibilities. I also appreciated that you and Scott took the time to personally reply to the comments everyone left while doing their assignments.

Overall, I got a lot more than I'd expected to get from a free course (which is why I immediately signed up for the paid program afterwards!). I wish I had some suggestions for improvement but I honestly don't!

Thank you!

-Tracey Minutolo

I have been sort of waiting for something – maybe someone to just tell me what I'd be good at. Turns out, I just needed a little help to figure out how to tell myself what I'd be good at! I've actually recommended it to a few friends and told our HR rep about it too. It's an extremely useful tool! Thank you for all your work to help us!

– Maggie Romanovich

I Loved the course! I'd never taken a course like this before so this was something new to me. It helped me see that I'm not a happy person when it comes to my calling and passion.

It helped me realize that I need to do something with my life. I now know that I'm not stuck and I can do what I want as far as my passion goes!

My favorite part was the video of Erik Thomas! So inspirational! Everything up until that video came through with his point, MAKE A DECISION!!

Overall it was great! I learned a lot and I am making changes to my life so I can do what I want to do!!

I appreciate all of your hard work that went in to making this course!!

– Steve Tessler

My favorite part was the personality profiles and really looking into what my skills are. I also think it's important to just make a decision already, so I enjoyed the last email as well.

-Allison Carey