There's a really funny thing that I noticed in working with people recently.

Mostly everyone is after the wrong goal when it comes to their careers and their happiness!

No really! it's true.

I didn't really believe it myself for the longest time.

Last week I told you about how happiness doesn't come from a job!

it comes from knowing who you are and what you want and what you place value on.

Most people join the HTYC community thinking “if I can only find the job I love” or “If I can just start the perfect business for me” then I'll be happy.

If that was you, don't worry that's pretty much where everyone starts. You don't typically learn how to be happy in your work during school, you certainly don't learn in most colleges and of course your employer doesn't take you aside by the hand to help you learn… probably most of them don't know either!

I promised you that I would be straight up with you! (even if you don't like it and even if it's a little painful)

I would rather you understand how this stuff actually works rather than perpetuating the myths!

So let's try to do that just a little bit today… (and we'll keep peeling back the layers this whole year with project 357)

I get people writing me all the time and saying things like “I really think I might be happy doing what you're doing”

and that could be true… you might… but you might not!

What most people are really saying (without realizing it) is “I have some things in common with you and you seem happy doing this, I could see myself doing this type of work and I want to be happy too”

In the past I haven't shared a lot about why I chose what I chose, but I really think it will be helpful here!

I spent several years trying to understand my strengths and what I could be very good at! I also spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I valued the very most.

Here's what I realized that I wanted

  • I wanted to be able to be available to my kids, not just for the big things but the small things too
  • I wanted to be in a position to share the things I love doing with many people
  • I wanted to be able to remove money as an obstacle by having enough earning potential so that I could choose the type of work based solely on whether or not I was having the type of impact on the world I wanted.
  • I wanted to be able to go for a run or workout at 10am every morning (an odd time that doesn't work with most work schedules
  • I wanted to choose who I worked around and who I'm spending my time with (I wanted to surround myself with really positive people that bring me up instead of down)

These are just some of the things I figured out that I were important to me… things that I place value on! Your list of values might be completely different, you have to figure that out for yourself!

If you look at that list, you quickly realize that not every company in the world is going to fit that.. in fact most won't. 

That's I why I chose to start a business.

I thought about an HR consulting business, I thought about recruiting. Both had many things that I was good at.

It wasn't until that I came into contact with the idea of an online business that anything really lined up.

I was like “wait a minute, you mean I can talk to whoever needs my help across the whole world, work during the times I want to AND there's no pay limitations?” OK I'm in!

but the thing most people miss here is it just happens to line up really well with the things that I want. 

NOT that running an internet based business is the “perfect solution” for everybody. Trust me, it's not!

It's also way hard. When people are pursuing a job we teach them to negotiate salary or sign on bonuses or free technology…

You walk in with great pay and all excited about the possibilities

I started my business 2 years ago and when I opened the doors to the website, guess who showed up…

You're right! Nobody!

So I have built it while doing HR work at the exact same time! Is this difficult? oh yeah incredibly.

But It's worth it for me because it lines up really well with the things I value!

I'm curious what you value!

We are going to go deeper on this track because regardless of whether or not you are interested in working for a company OR owning your own company, neither will make you happy unless it allows you consistently live out what you place value on!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you value

PS if you think running an online business might be for you (and it's not for everybody) then check out this shenanigan filled event on St. Patricks day at 6:30. It should be way fun and you will learn some ways to get started from myself and 3 other people that have built online businesses in the last 12-18 months!

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