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“Well, I’m off to live my life…”

This is a phrase I hear at least once a day.  I hear someone say that practically every single day when they leave work.  At first, I didn’t think much of it.  I’d just laugh, and say something like “have a great night!”

But as I kept hearing it, I thought of how sad it is for people to have that mentality about work.

What mentality am I talking about? The mentality that somehow you check your life at the door of your workplace when you walk in at 8am and you pick it up as you walk out at 5pm.

The more I heard “Well, I’m off to live my life” the more it grated on me.  How sad!! How depressing!  Is that what I have to look forward to in my life?  40 years of living my life after 5pm and on the weekends?

Do you feel that way?  Have you ever uttered those words?  If so, read on—please.

Mark Sieverkropp Post

Some of you have jobs you hate.

Some of you have jobs that you don’t mind, but it’s certainly not your dream job.

Some of you may really like your job, but you wouldn’t keep going if the checks didn’t cash.

Some of you would do what you’re doing no matter what, because it is your calling, it invigorates you.

In a previous guest post, I spoke to those of you who absolutely dread your job.  Today, I want to talk to those of you in those center areas.  You don’t mind your job, or you actually like your job—but you feel like there’s more.

My friend Matt McWilliams wrote recently about his conviction that each of us is meant to change the world.  I agree with him.  You were meant to change the world.  I was meant to change the world.

Do you feel like you’re changing the world?  If not, why not?

You spend a majority of your life at a job (or running a business), so it’s imperative that your job be incorporated in your life.

You have to happen to your career.  You have to be intentional about your professional life.  If you aren’t, you will forever feel like you were meant for more.  You will always dream of making a difference.  You will always envy those who are making a difference.

Don’t wait until 5:01pm to live your life.  Live your life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Happen To Your Career.