Career Coach School


Learn everything you need to create a full time coaching business from experts who’ve “been there” & helped hundreds of other coaches just like you.

Get flexibility, freedom, and the ability to do what you’re already passionate about (coaching) for your career!

“I have been helping people including friends and family with interviews, presentation skills and job change management for ages, but don’t know how to make a transition to a small business.” – Danielle 

I’ve met and interacted with over 700 coaches since 2012. Want to know the biggest reason they struggle to build a full time (or part time) business successfully?

  • It’s not because they’re not capable of it. Nope. 
  • It’s not because they’re too busy (the coaches who are successful have just as much going on)
  • It’s definitely not because they are better coaches. (I’ve seen mediocre coaches create a successful business and I’ve seen many more amazing coaches that struggle to get their biz off the ground)

So what’s stopping almost every coach from going full time?

It’s not what you think it is. Yes there’s a lot to do and many actions to take to run a successful business (defining your target market, client conversations, creating marketing strategies and executing them … and oh yeah the coaching too)

But doing the actual activities aren’t the real reason most people don’t make a part or full time career out of coaching. 

It’s because of all of the decisions you have to make as a business owner. Decisions about…everything!

  • Where do I put my marketing efforts
  • Do I need to setup my business accounts and get my license first or start working with clients first?
  • How do I get people to find me and want to work with me? 
  • Should I be putting money into LinkedIn ads or writing blog content?
  • And what pricing should I put on my coaching offer anyways?

Ugh… are you exhausted yet? And here’s the kicker. Once you even make the decision how do you know it’s going to work. 

Well to be painfully honest, there’s no guarantee that anything will *always* work without testing it out first, however there are far smarter ways to make educated decisions that are more likely to pay off.

The easiest way is to educate yourself on what works for coaching businesses (and why it works!)

The best way to do that is surround yourself with other people that are actively doing it … and succeeding at it!

“I think that was really valuable for me to be able to learn from people who had successfully been running career coaching businesses, but also to have a cohort of other students and Business Builders who are in the same stage of starting off with me.

I valued those connections and insights a lot. And the other thing that I really gained and found to be really powerful about my experience was the access to resources and processes. So basically everything that I needed in order to walk my clients through, I was able to get through participating in this coach training and not just having the resources but also knowing how you use them and getting into practice.”

– Jennifer Spoelma, Career Coach

I’ve personally helped hundreds of people start profitable businesses

My name is Scott Anthony Barlow 

I’ve been training coaches since 2005, and have worked as a coach in many roles since 2003.

I’ve helped thousands of people make successful career changes and hundreds of people start small businesses. I’ve created one of the world’s leading research backed career change methodologies.

And over the years, I’ve also personally worked one-on-one with over 200+ people, helping them achieve goals like:

  • Getting their first customers…
  • Reaching their first $10,000+ month…
  • And catapulting countless coaching businesses to new heights, once we helped them get up and running…

What’s Included with your membership

Access to the Coaches Community – Learn from other coaches in all different stages ranging from just starting to full time seasoned coaching business for years

Access to the Happen To Your Career team – We’ve done this (like a lot) plus we’re obsessed with systems that make building a coaching business much easier (more importantly we’re obsessed with helping you get results!)

Monthly Coaching Business Labs– Improve your coaching skills, get answers about how to work through real business challenges, become a coach that gets your clients results. Every time! Get your questions answered to what you’re facing right now (and later!)

Bonus: Coaching Client Attraction System – 

Bonus: Side Biz MBA – Build a foundation for running a business on the side. 

Plus much more… We will be continually adding to the community every single month. 

What’s the cost to join? 

Are you ready for this – I usually charge $1500 per hour for consulting and coaching sessions. (even though I don’t really take on clients anymore, when I did this is how much I charged)

To work with my team continuously and get ongoing feedback, we charge between $2000-$12,000

But this is not that pricey. 

See you in Career Coach School! 

– Scott Anthony Barlow