An Unconventional Approach to Career Happiness

Career Happiness doesn’t work the way you think it does. Almost 40,000 people have been through our courses and coaching programs and have used them to stop settling, find their signature strengths, and start doing meaningful work that they are enamored with!

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The Backstory: It’s Personal

In 2006 I stopped settling and began working on creating my ideal career and life.

It only only took me hitting professional rock bottom to get there:

  • Multiple times a day I’d seriously consider jumping out the 2nd story window to collect workers comp, (and get some time off from my 80 hour weeks) but I’d probably only break a leg or two. 
  • There were a few minor health issues – Up 50 pounds and having anxiety attacks in the middle of my morning commute (such fun)
  • I was struggling to lead a team of 20 doing work that I didn’t really believe in with a company that had zero respect for time off.

This led to having the hardest conversation of my life with my boss. The full story is here

Spoiler alert: I got fired in front of all my direct reports. (more than a little embarrassing!)

It was at that time I decided that life was too short to live stressed and mis-aligned with my work. I knew that there had to be a better way. I was determined to find it. I spent the next 10 years learning everything I could about career happiness and career change.

You may not be threatening to jump out a window, but I bet at least one of these is true for you:

  • You have options, but you’re stuck at determining what’s next. I’m hell bent on leaving my company but it pays really well.” 
  • You’ve been thinking about changing for a while, but haven’t yet done anything that moves you forward (except for poking around on indeed, LinkedIn or glassdoor…which really hasn’t done that much for you)
  • You’ve taken opportunities that you fell into, now you want to be more intentional about your career for the rest of your life.

It turns out that if you want work that fits your strengths and values, I’ve learned it’s possible. Now many years later, after helping thousands of people change to their personal ideal version of work, I’ve learned that it’s there if you want it. We’ve taken leading research and used it to be able to help you figure out what you need in your ideal career.

It’s not easy, but we can absolutely help!

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About Happen To Your Career

It all started in 2012, when coworkers, friends and semi-random people at the coffee shop began asking me how I made career changes from Operations to Human Resources, how I negotiated a nearly $40K increase in salary and how I got over 100 interviews.

Today, we help high performers who want to thrive in their career (without starting over or going back to school.) We’ve helped thousands of people all over the world make changes and have a podcast with millions of downloads. Our work has been featured on Forbes, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Glassdoor, the Muse and many many top podcasts.

Want to make a career change? Create a new role in your company? Negotiate job and salary (and crazy amounts of flexibility) We got you!

We focus on what works. We take the latest research and science in the areas of happiness, meaning, work (and negotiating sizable salaries) and help you turn that into your real life. As you might imagine, we’re an entire team of learners, psychology lovers and self development nerds.

Everything we do is to help people like you move to work that fits who you are and who you want to become. We make work more human. One person at a time. One career change at a time.

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Scott Anthony Barlow, MPCC
Husband & Father. Founder & CEO. Author. Podcast Host. Former HR Leader + Lots of other career changes. Self Development Nerd.
Alyssa Barlow
Mom of 3. Owner & Advisor – Scott is “the wow;” Alyssa is “the how.”
Amy Bauer
Client Success Team Lead. Community Builder. Dot Connector. Nature Enthusiast. Music Lover. Avocado Toast Maker.
Amy Dickerson Career Coach at Happen To Your Career
Amy Dickerson
Career Coach. People-builder. Confidence-builder. Life-builder. Soul-builder. Idea-builder. Brand-builder. Get’er done-er!
Ben Fox, ACC
Career Coach. New Yorker. Foodie. Soccer Player. TV & Film Lover. I live with few regrets and help clients do the same.
Briana Riley
Dog Mom. Avid Reader. Self-proclaimed Chef. Career Coach & Facilitator. Self Development Nerd.
Heather Stetler
Executive Assistant. Twin Girl Mom. Football Wife. Newfound Canner & Gardener. Keeper of Time.
Judie Azarcon
Admin Assistant. Beach Lover. Netflix Binger. Avid Traveler. Spreadsheet Wizard.
Katja Trmcic
Career Coach. Counselor. Life-long Learner. Aerial Hoop Lover. Baby Artist. Beachcomber. Serendipity & Power Nap Appreciator.
Laura McClernon
Career Coach. Mom. Wife. Long-term Friendship Keeper. Runner. And (sometimes) Self-Determined DIY-er.
Megan Crawford
Wife & Mom. Career Coach. Meditator. Artist. Self Awareness Advocate. General Nerd.
Nathan Kotterman
Husband. Dog Dad. Community Onboarding Manager. Avid Cruiser. Pizza Nut. Explorer/Learner.
Phillip Migyanko, MPCC
Career Coach. Podcast Host. Crossfitter. Self Development Nerd. Former Trash Man. Dessert Enthusiast.
Samantha Martin
Wife & Mom. Content Manager. Dog Lover. Avid Reader. Plant Person. Enneagram Nerd. Sci-Fi/Fantasy Enthusiast.

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