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We want you to pursue a life that matters to you and do work that’s unapologetically you! If that happens to be working with us, even better! (get it? “happens to be” and “happen to your”… ok nevermind!) We believe very strongly that you should do work that fits you, your lifestyle, your strengths and that you enjoy! We also are incredibly devoted to helping others do the same. If you want to be a part of that check out our positions (and our project and side gigs) to see what we’re looking for right now! Don’t see something that perfectly fits, but think you can help us: send an email to info@happentoyourcareer.com and let us know how!  

-Scott Anthony Barlow Founder and CEO

Career and Contract Postings

At Happen to Your Career we are a small, rapidly growing company that believes in doing work that fits you (not just the company) and doing work in your strengths.

We help people all over the world define their ideal career and make it happen.

We value potential just as much as experience and give high preference to those already familiar with our brand and how we help people live the life they want to!


We’re looking for a multi-talented Career Change Coach (That’s a lot of “C”s) that loves helping others get results and is rather amazing at it!

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MANAGER OF COACHING SALES – Career Coaching Services (Remote)

When we have a conversation with a potential client, our goal is to help first. This means coaching and consulting with them in the call to find the right type of support that fits them. Sometimes it means going way above and beyond to get them help before they’ve even paid us. It always means making every interaction very personalized and fun!)

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