Career Change


Break free from a job that doesn’t fit, stop settling, and find a career you love

Finally learn what career fits you and make the change—without starting over or going back to school

The transition was so much easier than the last and so much more gratifying because of all that I learned with HTYC

-Michal, Career Change Bootcamp Client

What if you could learn exactly what a challenging and fulfilling career looks like for you using a proven scientific research-based approach, and then become well paid for doing meaningful work at a company you’re enamoured with?

Sound too good to be true? Well, that’s exactly what we’ve done for thousands of people just like you since 2012.

Even if you’re short on time or have been struggling to figure out the answer for months or years.

What if you could have a career that fits you and pays you well?

What would that be like?

Would it be working with leaders and a team that appreciates your strengths OR would it be having the freedom and flexibility for a career that allows you to work from home minus the massive commute. Or maybe, it’s working somewhere that you can wear many different hats, instead of being put in a box.

What if you could take the small parts of your past jobs that you love the very most and spend most of your work day working on those types of projects–ones that were meaningful to you? What if you got paid much more for all of it?

What would it mean for you to do work that uses your gifts?

Trust us – it’s much more possible than you might think. Here’s what having a career that fits and pays well meant for these people that found us.

Who: Tanya Malcolm-Revell, Events Manager

Before: Tanya wanted to engage in work that she was excited about–that was also aligned with her values.

After: Tanya realized that she wanted to have the flexibility to go to a yoga class at 10am, and work with people who were interested in doing the same. She ultimately landed a career running events for Wanderlust, a company that helps people live a more mindful and inspired life–and gets to take yoga classes everyday as part of her job.

Who: Jerrad Shivers, Regional Manager

Before: Jerrad wanted freedom and flexibility to be around his kids more often, and show them that you should always do work that you enjoy.

After: Jerrad got a $30,000+ salary increase, and moved to Nashville, TN where he wanted to raise his family. Most importantly, he shifted into a career that allowed him to
 help others in the way that he does best: Building up and teaching others.

Who: Laura Morrison, Product Manager

Before: Laura craved challenging work that pushed her to keep improving, at a company that treated people like human beings. Also, she wanted the flexibility to work from home anytime her 2 year-old needed her.

After: Laura was able to combine her past experiences to propel her into a new role at a new company–all while getting a $15,000 pay bump!

Through our Career Change Bootcamp frameworks, all of these people learned exactly what they wanted out of both work and life. Then, we coached each of them to make it happen.

But while that’s great for Tanya, Jarred and Laura, right now you’re still wondering…how do I begin?

Maybe you’ve been clicking through or LinkedIn during your lunch break, hoping that you’ll finally find the next perfect job. Only instead, you find many roles that either: (1) don’t excite you or (2) there is a long list of absurd qualifications that you just don’t have.

Even though it hasn’t got you any closer to figuring out what is truly right for you, you continue to do search, because even though you know your current situation isn’t a fit, you don’t know where else to begin.

Nobody teaches us how to figure out what careers we would be great at and enjoy immensely

We go to college and they encourage us to choose a major before we’re 20 years old. Which of course is the way you’re supposed to do it. Right???

Only one problem: Nobody helps us understand what really makes us happy in our life or our career.

We then get into our first role and it’s not quite what we thought it would be.

That leads to a change, then maybe another. Then another. We enjoy pieces of it along the way but it still feels like something is missing.

Many years later we still don’t know what we want to be doing for our careers, we just know that if we’re really listening to ourselves and our heart, This isn’t it! There has to be something more to life and work.

The truth they don’t teach in college or graduate school

Over the last 10 years pouring over research, I’ve learned that most people that “check all the boxes” of what you’re supposed to do to be successful, aren’t particularly happy their careers.

In fact, there’s only a very small group of people in the world that are both happy and engaged in their jobs and get paid very well. This select group of people is one that gets up every morning not only looking forward to their job, but goes into work well aware that what they *get to do* that day is actually making a difference in the world.

The actual numbers are surprising: According to the Wall Street Journal, only about 8% of the United States earns over $100,000 a year (It’s even less than that for the rest of the world!).

We also know from research done by Gallup organization that only about 13% of the population are truly engaged and satisfied with their jobs.

Interestingly enough, the people that fall into both categories (that are very well paid and love their jobs) is very few.

Those Happy High Achievers (who love what they do AND are well paid) are exactly who I was most interested in studying.

I wanted to know exactly what that select tribe of people was doing differently than everyone else!

Because, if there is only a small group of people who are happy and paid well, then they must be doing something differently than nearly everyone else out there. I wanted to know what it was.

It turns out that those Happy High Achievers ARE doing something differently—but it’s not what you think. After over a decade of studying what these people do, joining this group myself and helping thousands of people create lives (and work) that they love, I’ve come to this conclusion:

Happy high achievers know 3 things you don’t
  • They know exactly what they want out of both work and life
  • They know how to bring their strengths and gifts to the world in a way that’s valuable to companies and others who want to be around them.
  • They know that finding life-changing opportunities doesn’t happen using conventional methods (like redoing your resume and surfing jobs on and LinkedIn)

Most of us think that the first step is choosing your profession or occupation—and when you choose “the right one” then that enables you to finally be happy.

Happy High Achievers realize that’s a backwards approach and instead it’s a process of deciding what you want your life to look like BEFORE you can ever hope to make it happen.

They also realize that most of what is “popular knowledge” about what you should do is just plain wrong.

But, before telling you more about what this tribe of successful people do, here’s an example of some of the mistakes that people make when trying to find a career that makes them happy.

How NOT To Find A Career & Life That You Love

Since nobody ever teaches us to think differently, we end up just trying to fix our situation instead. Which of these solutions have you tried?

  • We change jobs – but haven’t yet really figured out what we want so we eventually end up right back where we started
  • We think that if we can just change a few things at work that will fix it – but we fail to realize that it’s a bigger problem than just having a boss that doesn’t “get it” or a cooler job title
  • We end up surfing and LinkedIn looking for a job that’s exciting – but it’s even more depressing because either nothing looks exciting or the ones that do ask for 27 years of experience that you don’t have
  • We apply for jobs and go on interviews – but forget that if we haven’t already identified what makes us happy and is meaningful work then we will have a nearly 0% chance of magically finding it!
  • We consider going back to school because we don’t know what else to do – and convince ourselves that spending 2 years of our lives and paying $20,000-$50,000 for a degree in a profession that may or may not make us happy is a good plan

I’ve personally made all these mistakes, thinking they will fix the problem. Trust me—they don’t work. I’ve learned the hard way. And now, we interact each day with literally tens of thousands of people that have tried many of the same things.

The good news is you don’t have to continue to do the same things and you don’t have to continue to hope things will get better (because “hope” is a terrible plan)

What if you viewed your career and life completely differently?

What if instead, you were able to learn exactly what other people who have created careers and lives they actually want have done to get there?

What if you did what some of our clients like Maggie or Eric or Olivia did by clarifying exactly what you want out of life and work and then using unconventional methods to make a career change to work that pays you well and uses your unique strengths and gifts.

How we teach our clients to get unconventional results

1) Your Key To Career Happiness: Signature Strengths

Maggie Romanovich was a high achieving mom with 2 kids who had been promoted through multiple companies going to wherever her bosses asked her to. Eventually, she realized that she wasn’t happy in her role, but she also didn’t know what she wanted to be doing. The only thing she did know was that if she was going to be spending time at work away from her family, she had to love what she was doing.

After she found HTYC, we helped her intentionally clarify how she wanted to spend her time,what gave her purpose and what she couldn’t stop doing even if she tried.

She began using our “Test Drive Method” for the options that she felt might be a great fit.

Over 45 days, she began learning all the pieces that made a fulfilling career for her. We coached her through having open and honest conversations with those around her and she realized that she didn’t have to look very far to find work that fit her. She used our teachings to get her boss on her side to become an active participant in finding Maggie a career that fit; inside or outside the company!

In just 4 months, she shifted her career from working in Advertising and Communications to Training and Development. This suited her better because she realized that she wasn’t passionate about any particular subject for very long, instead got excited teaching other people about processes.

But Maggie’s story doesn’t stop there: Because Maggie knew exactly what she wanted out of both her life and her career, as well as being aligned with her gifts, she now could easily outperform her peers. So, only 10 months into her new role, Maggie’s boss began planning her promotion to an even more exciting role.

Now, 3 years later Maggie is being considered to be the Director of all Training and Development!

“I am incredibly happy in my new position.

I feel like I’m built for it and I believe that is due to the thought the exercises took me through.

It asked me questions that gave me the structure to build my own future. I am very appreciative of Scott and HTYC.

I’ve recommended it to everyone.”

– Maggie Romanovich, Made her career change in 4 months and then promoted in 14 months

2) Create Your Ideal Career Profile

When you work to profile your ideal career it makes it much easier to build a path to get there! We help all of our clients clarify where they are going before taking random action! This process ensures that your next role is one that fits!

Eric Murphy was an project engineer with a large gas company. After performing well but regularly working 12 hours days he realized that he was craving work that wasn’t just challenging but also a company that aligned with his values. In his case he cared a whole lot about helping people and the environment. His current role at the Gas Company in Las Vegas didn’t align with that at all.

It also wasn’t providing him the supportive environment to do work that mattered to him!

We worked with Eric to clarify what was most important about his next role and then helped him only focus on companies that matched up with those values. Not surprisingly, he loves his new job now helping design safe building processes in an environmentally friendly area!

Career Change Bootcamp Reviews

“My new job aligns so well with what I wanted. The mentorship and support I’m getting here are second to none. 

I wanted to thank you because you have helped me land a job that is more fulfilling in every way… than I thought I could have before I met you!

The Work You did and the techniques you taught me literally changed my life!”

-Eric Murphy

3) Hyper Target ONLY Opportunities and Organizations That Fit Your Ideal Career

After a very successful career at LinkedIn, Olivia realized she had been forcing herself into a situation that wasn’t fulfilling. She quickly figured out that not only was it making her miserable, she had to change her situation and fast.

Fast forward: Olivia did the hard work of clarifying exactly what would make a great opportunity for her. This came in handy very quickly because it allowed her to stop wasting time with companies that really weren’t going to be a great fit.

Instead, she was able to interact only with those organizations that might have roles that fit her. 

Using the approaches we taught her in Career Change Bootcamp she was able to begin talking to many of the Leaders from and then discovered all of the roles they wanted to offer to her really weren’t a great fit or exciting for her.

Because she had done the hard work of learning her signature strengths and what she valued most in her ideal career, she was able to ask specifically for what she wanted from indeed. This led her to a conversation with an Executive there and ultimately a job that nobody else was being interviewed for but was perfect for her!

She now works with the leadership team at and recruits for their leadership and executive roles!

“I’m now in a role that is not just exciting for me, but really matches up with who I am!”


Do you want to do your career differently?

All of these people realized they were going to have to do something different to get different results. They knew that they would need to be much more intentional in their approach than they ever had been in the past. They also knew that if they didn’t draw the line in the sand and stop doing work and life the same way they would still be unhappy with their situation months or even years from now.

That was unacceptable to them to waste another year (or even another month) tolerating the same situation. This meant that to make it possible and to make sure that the time they were spending on their change was going to be effective then they knew they would need help, but not just any help!

I Will Teach You Everything I Know About Designing a Career and Life That Fits You

A decade ago when I was in a job that didn’t fit me I couldn’t find resources to help me do it differently. So, that’s exactly why I created Happen to Your Career and Career Change Bootcamp.

I had to learn it all the hard way, reading over 100 books and making many career changes and even creating my own process (which later became what we teach our clients)

I am Scott Anthony Barlow, founder and CEO of Happen to Your Career. I’ve been featured on CNBC, Yahoo, CareerBuilder and Huffington Post among many others. I’ve been on over 300+ podcasts and been well paid to speak at Colleges and Universities as a top expert on Career Happiness.

I’ve spent my career understanding what makes people love their jobs. I have interviewed literally thousands of people working in Human Resources and Recruiting.

I’ve Seen Every Side of Career Changes

I’ve personally hired over 600+ people in the last 10 years (at every level across an organization, from Professional to Director to C-Suite) I’ve owned multiple successful companies and also worked in senior level roles at $100,000 Million + organizations. I’ve done recruiting, talent acquisition, human resources, been the hiring manager at every level and many industries.

But, I’ve also been on the other side of the table, making countless career changes. I have negotiated promotions and pay raises at every level, which helped me make over 6 figures in jobs I considered my dream jobs…all before I was even 30 years old.

In 2012 I was constantly getting asked how I did all of this, so I created Happen to Your Career. My team and I have collectively helped thousands of people make career changes to work that they love. We now interact with tens of thousands of people every week about building a career and a life they love!

We’ve taken all of the latest research and everything we’ve learned working directly with thousands of people just like you to create the very best coaching program for professionals who want to make a change to a fulfilling life and career!


Career Change Bootcamp

Learn to how clarify what you want (and need) most in your life for a fulfilling career that pays you well AND makes you happy, and get our help to make it happen. Guaranteed!

How Career Change Bootcamp Works

There are 8 modules that release weekly or bi-weekly for the first two months. All 8 of these modules build on each other, and together, they comprise the end-to-end Career Change Bootcamp system.

Each module is an active collaboration between you, your 1:1 Career Change Bootcamp Coach, and the program material that we have developed and refined over the years.

All the pieces work together to give you sustainable confidence, clarity and unconventional career change skills you can carry with you for the rest of your life into fun career adventures, a challenging opportunity you love, and beyond.

While we are exquisitely detailed and provide step-by-step details in our materials, we do not teach “tricks” or just “tactics”. Our program is primarily principle-based, so that you can apply your learnings to any situation you find yourself in.

That’s because each module is about your self-actualization, which is swift and powerful when we are all focused together.

Each module is comprised of 3-5 lessons and CCB includes either 12, 24, or unliimited 1:1 coaching sessions over the course of 16 weeks plus additional negotiations coaching and a resume and LinkedIn profile review. (We accommodate for travel, vacations, et cetera; just let us know your situation.)


The Bootcamp Framework

  • Create your own definition of success that makes you happy
  • How to create and incorporate routines that will automatically make you successful
  • How to think BIG (trust me… way bigger than you’re currently thinking!)
  • What beliefs you need to banish in order to move forward to the life and career you deserve
  • Take what you already know about your strengths and translate them to
  • Discover what career aligns with your passions, your skills, and your strengths.
  • What strengths you should focus on and how you should spend your time
  • Understand the difference between a strength and something you want to do
  • What kind of work leverages your unique Strength Themes
  • What to do if the things you’re good at aren’t the things you enjoy
  • How to articulate your strengths to make them less generic to something badass and hire-able
  • Learn how to find an environment that makes you feel valued.
  • Use your values to identify your purpose AND fulfill this from the lens of your career
  • How to pair your strengths with your ideal career
  • How to identify your ideal opportunities, and eliminate the options that don’t fit you
  • Know the keys to blending your strengths, your career, and the environment in which you can flourish
  • Learn how to find contact info for nearly anyone that you could want to know and get in touch with them
  • How to try out lots of careers and build your network of executives who will call you when they have a career for you
  • How to get interviews for open jobs before any other candidates are even scheduled
  • What to say – word for word – to contact the people who can hire you
  • Stand out from the 128 other applicants (and win the interview every time!)
  • Where to find job opportunities (including unconventional ways to approach your job search that you have never heard of)
  • How to leverage media, social media and multimedia to pique curiosity and get the people who matter to take your calls
  • What to accentuate in order to highlight your strengths (and get you interviews)
  • How to create a resume that’s exactly what they’re looking for, as if you’re reading the recruiter’s mind!
  • What to include in your resume in order to highlight your strengths and make you the obvious choice for the position of your dreams
  • Get a personalized resume review, to tell you exactly what your future boss will be looking for (and exactly where your resume is falling short – and how to fix it)
  • Learn exactly how to have HR people and hiring managers chasing you to the parking lot after your interview to make you a job offer.
  • How to prep for the best interview performance of your life without memorizing stupid questions and answers
  • How to tell offer-winning stories (without getting sweaty and nervous)
  • What you need to do to interview better than almost everybody else on the planet
  • Get paid what you’re worth (without any risk)
  • How to negotiate multiple job offers at the same time (while still being upfront with everyone)
  • What to say – exactly – during your job offer conversation
  • How to begin setting yourself up for negotiation long before the offer arrives
  • We keep this module under lock and key and you get access to it after completing the first 60 days of the program. It contains some of our best material and teachings.
Every  Module in the Program Includes
  • HD Video and Audio – You can learn in your unique learning style allowing you to move more efficiently through the program! (and getting to your ideal career sooner!) –
  • Word for Word Scripts and Formulas Want to know what to specifically say for negotiating? No Problem! Want to know how to create a conversation that makes you endearing to hiring managers? We’ve got you covered! Plus we teach you the psychology behind each one and when to use them.
  • Case studies and Applied examples. That is the optimal time to both learn and apply it in real life.. If you have vacations, etc. just let us know and we will work it into your learning plan during your kickoff session.
  • Easy to use Google Docs That can be converted to PDF or Word doc at the click of a button if you prefer!
  • All methods are Research based This includes our training AND the specific methodologies in our program. I’ve poured over countless studies about human psychology and happiness, talked to leading experts in behavioral change and positive psychology and we’ve learned what works because we’ve seen it and applied it for years with our own coaching clients!

Career Change Bootcamp Comes With Everything You Need to Design Your Career and Make the Change

Your Coach: The best part of the program


Learn more about Briana here!


Learn more about Ben here!


Learn more about Laura here!

Amy Dickerson Career Coach at Happen To Your Career


Learn more about Amy here!


Learn more about Megan here!


Learn more about Phillip here!

Weekly Training Modules

You can access the CCB curriculum in convenient Google doc form on a beautiful dashboard on our site. You’ll get expanded learning in Videos, audio, and lifetime access to our continual updates within the program.

PLUS, We Truly Want To Make Sure That You Have Everything You Need, So We’ve Included These 2 Bonuses

Bonus #1: Strengths Finder 2.0 Assessment

We use this assessment with all our coaching clients because it is so accurate. Even if you’ve taken it before you can see exactly how your strengths have developed and changed along the way!

This also helps you and your coach work with the same verbiage when talking about how to leverage your unique strengths.

After you take this assessment you will have your top 5 strengths themes so you can focus on what’s most important!

We pay for you to take it entirely as a bonus when you join the Bootcamp! Worth $25

Bonus #2: Side Biz MBA Online Course

Inevitably about 10-15% of the people that join Career Change Bootcamp decide that a business or Side Business is right for them. We’ve got you covered there too!

We include our Side Biz MBA course to help you get started with your business where CCB leaves off.

We normally sell this for $497 on it’s own but right now it’s yours completely free when you join CCB!

How Coaching Works
  • You begin with a Kickoff Coaching Session
    Your coach will work to understand what you want most out of the program and suggest any ways to make CCB the most effective for you!
  • Choose the length of coaching support that best fits your availability and preferences!
  • Most people take 6-10 months to make their career change. That is the optimal time to both learn and apply it in real life.. If you have vacations, etc. just let us know and we will work it into your learning plan during your kickoff session.
  • If you’re not sure of the level of support you need
    There is no risk, you can upgrade anytime! If you want a higher frequency of support (4x a month coaching or a “done for you” resume or LI profile) then just ask and can customize it!
Career Change Bootcamp PRO
$4997 or a 6 month customized payment option
  • Coaching 2x a month for 6 months
  • Career Change Bootcamp Framework
  • Personalized resumé and LinkedIn Profile review
  • Guaranteed! We help until you accept an offer
  • Unlimited email support
Career Change Bootcamp Masters
$7997 or a 6 month customized payment option
  • Increased Coaching: 4x a month for 6 months
  • Career Change Bootcamp Framework
  • Personalized resumé and LinkedIn Profile review
  • Guaranteed! We help until you accept an offer
  • Unlimited email support
best value
Career Change Bootcamp – All Access
$10970 or a 6 month customized payment option
  • Unlimited coaching tailored to your situation.
  • Career Change Bootcamp Framework
  • Personalized resumé and LinkedIn Profile review
  • Guaranteed! We help until you accept an offer
  • Unlimited email support

Schedule a Conversation

Not sure which program fits you?

Our team will custom fit the right type of help for your situation. Just pick a time to chat. We will ask you questions and recommend how we can help (or be blatantly up front if we can’t!)

Press Play > to See Our Clients’ Experiences

What Do Our Clients Say?

Guaranteed career change (or CCB “All-Access”)

This is a great way to accelerate your change. If you choose the “all access” or “guaranteed career change” option for CCB, we will work with you as much as you need it until you accept your next job opportunity or offer. So long as you’re doing what we teach and coach, we will work with you as long as it takes.

This option of Career Change Bootcamp also frees you up to get as much coaching as you need, when you need it. Not all options are right for everyone though so talk to our team to find out what is right for your situation.

We don’t believe this is a risk for you (or us), because we’ve yet to see anyone who is doing what we teach who hasn’t made their career change. We are committed to helping you make this work!

I promise that no matter what, it won’t be easy. You will still have to show up and do the work, but with CCB we can help make it possible for you!
We find that the clients who are getting results most rapidly are those that are diving deeply into the exercises, using every resource we provide and trusting the program, even if it makes you a bit uncomfortable in some areas.

-Scott Anthony Barlow, Founder and CEO of Happen to Your Career

But CCB Isn’t For Everyone

To be honest–I’m not interested in working with everyone. It’s much more important to me that we are working with a group of people who are the right fit.

Career change Bootcamp is NOT for you if:

  • You’re looking for a magic bullet (an assessment that spits out your perfect job without putting in the work. Finding a career and life that you love is not easy. But ,with our help we will show you how to make it possible!
  • You don’t have enough money to pay for the program (or have to go into debt to join). This puts an stress on you and often unintentional pressures you didn’t mean for. It usually sets people up for failure.
  • You’re much more interested in a job or the money rather than creating a career and a life that fits your goals.

Who is Career Change Bootcamp for?

  • You’re committed to making a change this year! (not looking to dip your toe in the water)
  • You are willing to invest in yourself (even if doing so makes you a little nervous!)
  • You’re tired of settling and want to find a career that lines up with who you are!


Will it work for me? Who else is in the Bootcamp?
We’ve had Creatives, Scientists, Business People, Dentists, Stockbrokers, Lawyers, C-Suite, Finance, Pharmacists, Operations People, Entry Level. If you can think of a role, we’ve probably successfully helped someone in that category!
Even HR people (but they are a hard breed to deal with!) JK – I worked in HR for years!
Seriously though, everyone always wants to know will it work for “My specific situation”. The reality is that we’ve worked with more professions than you knew existed, in hundreds of industries and Sectors. We’ve yet to find a situation where what we teach doesn’t apply!
That said, if you’re looking for an entry level role that pays close to minimum wage this coaching program is likely not for you. Most of our material is targeted toward people who are more than 2 years out of college.
Instead if you do have professional experience in any role AND are willing to put in the work, we can help you find work that you love doing and fits you!
I’ve done all the assessments and I’m still not sure what my ideal career fit is. How will CCB help?
This is true for most people. You might have taken MBTI, DiSC, True Colors, or Strengths Finder, you have your results. They sound good, but then what do you actually do with it?
In Career Change Bootcamp we do use Strengths Finder 2.0 but only as a place to start.
We then help you understand not just what you are great at, but what you most enjoy and have the potential to be great at.
Then we take this information and help you use it to get the attention of the people that can hire you or create jobs for you.
Here is an incredibly basic example: If you’re an amazing writer but struggle with conversation on the phone, we are likely to have your first interaction with employers be written rather than over the phone.
We help you take your strengths, experiences and “assets” as a person and use these to connect to companies AND show them how you can help them in the process.
Julie L. (above is an example of this!)
I have a wedding (or a vacation, bot mitzvah, or really important haircut) coming up. What if I miss a week?
Early clients that went through the program demanded flexibility for their busy lives (ok really they asked very politely and were super nice about it) but we have structured the bootcamp so that you can intentionally speed it up or slow it down?
We’ve designed the program so that you actually have lifetime access to the material. This means that you can never get behind!
Your coach will work with you to make sure that you’re working at the right pace for you! and if you have a question about whether you have the right pace, just drop them an email.
When to slow it down: When you have events that are coming up that may cause you to miss a week or two OR you have less than 5 hours to work on your career change each week. If this is the case you just drop an email to your CCB coach and they help you get on the correct learning plan.
When to speed it up: If you’re trying to make your career change in less than 90 days and have time to do the extra work to make it happen OR if you are just an over achiever and can’t help yourself.
My brother says I can get this information free on the internet? Why would I pay for this program?
No offense to your brother, uncle, friend, or neighbor but most of what you’re paying for is not the information. It’s paying for our team and resources to help you apply the information.
Very few people come out of our program and say “they had the best information” (even though we do have some of the world’s most effective approaches and strategies) instead they say, “HTYC was amazing and they helped me exactly where I needed it most, even before I knew I needed it. They helped me change my life”
Application NOT information!
That said, we have purchased most “comparable” programs out there and our team has collectively consumed thousands of hours worth of “free” sets of information. We don’t see the exact same methods being taught. Particularly the principles about how to understand, adapt and communicate your strengths and how to use those to build relationships with those people who can help you or hire you!
Your brother is right though about one thing. Nearly every piece of information is available on the internet.
It’s a big place. I personally believe that your and my time is too valuable to spend hours upon hours (we personally have spent years) searching for the “best” information. Which is why we put it all in one place, into a curriculum that we’ve developed and tested. Also it complements your coaching that you will experience perfectly!
Plus aside from our own world class career coaches, we bring in the very best career experts to teach a monthly session that you can attend live and ask all the questions you want.
Lastly, as far as we can tell, there is no other program like this in the world that combines together the best research on career happiness with positive psychology and the worlds best career change coaching to set yourself up for a complete life change.
Of course that’s only when you join CCB!
I feel like this is my “last chance” to get my career “right?” Will this help?
It’s completely normal to feel that way whether you’re in the first 10 years of your career or getting ready to retire.
Short answer: Yes it will help. Absolutely. This is why most people come to us. We are really, really good at helping people do work they are excited about.
Longer answer: This really isn’t your “last chance”.
Once you begin to learn the process that we teach, you begin to realize that your career is a constant tweaking process, so that you’re always developing your life and work to be better than it was before.
We call this process the puzzle method. We combine this with intentional continuous development for your career. That way even after this career change you can use this process for the entire rest of your life to always move yourself to a situation that makes you happy.
I’m not sure if I want to begin a business of my own or make a change to a different career/company. Will this help me decide?
CCB will help you decide. It helps you get clear on both your strengths AND what is most important to you in your life and career.
Since building your own business is often a marathon (not a sprint) we also find that for 85% of the people we work with, it’s usually best to first work on creating a situation for yourself that allows you successfully build a business on the side.
This is especially true if you need/want to continue to have income coming in when you’re starting to build your business.
Also we see about 10-15% of people that go through CCB and decide that they want to start a business on the side or create a business later on.
That’s exactly why we’ve included a separate course that we normally sell for $497 as a bonus when you enroll right now. *See the bonuses above for more info on Side Biz MBA.
Either way, we’ve got you covered. We’ve been doing this for years, we’ve pretty much thought of everything so that you don’t have to [Awkward Wink]!
I’m not in the USA, will this help me?
Cool. About one third of our clients in Career Change Bootcamp are also like you: In other countries.
France, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, all over the United Kingdom… just to name a few!!!
We also have a lot of people that are from other countries but are now in the USA or from the USA but now live in other countries.
Most people think there are MASSIVE differences between how you get a job you are excited about from one geographical region to the next, however since it’s always people that hire you, there are far less differences than what you think.
That said, we still have brought in experts from other countries to be able to share the differences during our Monthly expert webinars. You can watch all of those sessions in the CCB bonus vault.
One example of that is Margaret Buj, who is a European interview coach. She came on to teach us both the most effective methods to help you interview and what the “actual” differences are from one country to the next.
Where do I attend class? How does this even work anyway?
CCB is a 1 to 1 coaching program that uses the included 8 part online course as our curriculum. That means you get to partcipate from the comfort of your own home on your computer. It also means that you get to learn about new concepts ideas and methods and then work with your coach to apply them. I mean, what’s the very best way to write that “thank you” note anyway, and should I send it snail mail or email because the person I met is going on vacation????
We’ve got your answers.
Or the Mighy Networks platform is completely mobile so you can even listen to the lessons on your commute in the car if you like.
Since you’re also paired up with a coach, you will be using skype, phone or another way to connect for your mock interview coaching, negotiations coaching, or other types of coaching sessions.
You simply choose the amount of coaching support that best fits your preferences, style and budget and then we get you going.
For the resume reviews, you will send over a copy of your resume and the types of job descriptions that you’re most interested in (after you’ve figured that part out of course!) then your coach will make you a personalized video stepping you thru exactly where you can get the most leverage out of your resume. (what to change and how to tailor it for each position)

And Weekly office hours live with me or one of our coaching team allow you to get real time answers for more comprehensive questions.
If I do really good in the course will you name your next kid after me?
With 3 children already, Alyssa and I are pretty much done having kids, but we will put your name into consideration for future pets, boats, and vacation homes.
Oh… we do also love to showcase our clients’ success stories to help inspire others to take action toward a career they love. How about we help you make an inspiring, fulfilling badass change and then we tell the world how great you did (the world might be a little jealous though, most people aren’t enamored with their jobs like you will be!)
You say that this bootcamp is about results right? Well what are some of the results other people have acheived working with Happen to Your Career.
I’m so glad you asked (because this is the question I ask quite a bit when I’m choosing to work with someone who I haven’t worked with before.)
We have pages and pages of stories/notes from people we’ve worked with. At this point we’ve worked with thousands of people and have had hundreds of people through the bootcamp.
Click Here to see examples of people from Career Change Bootcamp and what they had to say about working with us! or there are several examples above!
Otherwise you should know that we guarantee that you make your career change in less than six months after you complete CCB. If haven’t made your career change or you’re not getting offers in 6 months we will personally get on the phone with you so that we can help you diagnose what’s going wrong.
Nobody else can offer a guarantee like that. Trust me my team has researched all the “top programs”, my eyes hurt from reading all the spreadsheets where we store the information.
People think I’m crazy for offering that type of guarantee of results. I just have plenty of evidence to know that when you do what we teach, it works. Period.
Which means it’s not really a risk for me either.
Hey are we still answering questions? Let’s get you making this change already!!!!
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Now What

If you’re finally ready to make the difference in your life that you’ve been waiting for, here are several truths that always help me when I’m standing on the precipice of decisions that can change my entire trajectory in life.

I always ask myself these questions:

1. What would this change mean for me in my life? (What does investing this time/money/energy in myself get me in my life?)

2. Will I be able to make this change on my own in the way that I want to? (This is where you have to be blatantly honest with yourself!)

3. What type of help do I need to make this change?

If after answering these questions, you find that making a change to your career to challenging work that is meaningful to you and pays you well would make a big difference in your life, or that aligning your career with who you are would allow you to live in the way you truly want to, then I would encourage you to join us right now in Career Change Bootcamp.

In as little as 90 seconds from now, you can have an entire team that’s done this with thousands of other people just like you at your service to help you with everything you need to succeed.


Commit to yourself and your career.

-Scott Anthony Barlow, Founder and CEO of Happen to Your Career

Any other questions?

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Career Change Bootcamp PRO
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  • Career Change Bootcamp Framework
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  • Guaranteed! We help until you accept an offer
  • Unlimited email support
Career Change Bootcamp Masters
$7997 or a 6 month customized payment option
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  • Career Change Bootcamp Framework
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  • Guaranteed! We help until you accept an offer
  • Unlimited email support
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Career Change Bootcamp – All Access
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  • Unlimited email support

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